An interesting reversal that’s made stronger in the age of Spotify

The Buggles say “the video killed the radio star” in the legendary song released in the late seventies. If you’ve pondered the subject now, Habieron probably said something like “Spotify ended up with the compact disc”. And a little while ago, Estribillo Habiz said that “El CD Mato al Vinillo”.

However, it seems vinyl has a second life, For music lovers it’s clear: If you love music, there’s no better experience than a vinyl record.

And it’s not just about music lovers suddenly waking up from the ‘ellipses’ they’ve had and destroying their old record players, it’s also The music industry is betting on this support for the release of new albums.

In addition, vinyl is winning ground among the most nostalgic interpreters who want to evoke past times or provide their most loyal followers with the mystical experience of taking out a record, placing it on a plate, and hooking up a needle. .

Contrary to all predictions, The artists who sold the most vinyl the previous year weren’t even born when the format’s plight began, When Taylor Swift released his album ‘midnight’, it was clear that it was going to be “3, 2 or 1… you and I knew it”, as the legendary Joaquin Luqui said. But it will probably sell 945,000 vinyls in sospechesAs per the report ‘Luminate US Year-End Music Report for 2022’.

when the singer was born, at the end of 1989, the music industry saw the final heyday of vinyl. According to data from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) that year 34.6 million EPs or LPs were sold in this format in the United States, which is ten times less than at its highest point. When 344 million vinyls were sold. This was in 1977, a year before The Buggles signed the radio star’s memoir.

The other artists to complete the ‘top 3’ of vinyl sales in the United States in 2022 are even younger than Taylor Swift: Harry Styles (age 29) and Olivia Rodrigo (age 20). When they were born, less than 2 million vinyls were sold per year: 1.9 million in 1994 and 1.5 million in 2003.

however, this support is alive RevivalSales have been rising year-on-year since 2006, when they bottomed out, Growth has been smooth since then Two years ago, when the vinyl market experienced a boomUltimately copying previous practice sales in the United States: 40 million records in 2021, while 2020 is expected to sell 23.7 million.

Furthermore, it appears that the vinyl market has consolidated. 41.3 million discs sold in this format in 2022 in the North American country, up 3.2% over the previous year. Once you’re looking forward to your past days, you better be in good shape from your registries and you have Taylor Swift. Likewise, it should be noted that since the beginning of the current millennium, vinyl is already the best-selling physical format, ahead of CDs.

This trend towards vinyl has also been appreciated in Spain, as sales in the format have grown steadily since 2014., except in epidemic years. Therefore, the number of vinyl sold has increased tenfold in a decade, surpassing 140,000 units in 2013. 1.71 million in 2022, According to Promusica data.

The sale of singles has been the reason that has led to the peak of P2P and, above all, to its disintegration. streaming, Meanwhile, when Spotify merged in 2006, 619.7 million CDs were sold in the United States. But the single’s sales volume declined by 19.4% (2007), 26.3% (2008) and 19.5% (2009) in the following three years.

Last year, only 33.4 million singles were sold in the United States, a far cry from the 942.5 million CDs sold in 2000, when the historical record for sales across various formats was set.

and n Music industry billings to drop by 29.15% in 2022 in support of Spain, CDswhile they The income generated by vinyl increased by 15.29%. Furthermore, according to Promusica, vinyl accounts for 52.3% of the total billing of music in the physical format.

The peak of vinyl music sales has been explained, to a large extent, by Generation Z behavior, According to Luminet, Americans in this age group Spend 21% more time listening to music I think more so than other generations.

Although most of this time is spent in applications such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music or even Tik Tok, it is also available Willing to spend money to support their favorite artists by purchasing merchandise or other products, In fact, they spent 18% more on music than the rest, which includes buying vinyl.

This opens up business opportunities in this industry. Absolutely, economist indicates that three new vinyl factories have recently opened in Spain.

is one of them press play vinyl, De la Que or Blumos en Emprendedores. “Between 2016 and 2017 several studios drew my attention to how they are returning to making presses to make vinyl records, due to the fact that sales have been increasing every year since 2005, 20 or 30 % As far as. We did a market study on a national level, focusing mainly on medium and large record companies, however later we found out that there is more market, and we found out that there was no interest”, company manager Alain Consoni he said.

Apart from this, companies in the sector Strongly coming to increase your income, For example, Krakatoa Records561,942 euros were invoiced in 2021, multiplying the income declared four years earlier by 12, as collected economist, infiniteism, mad vinyl music, 717 Euros were invoiced in 2020, when it started operations. However, it achieved sales of 508,199 euros in its first full run.

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