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There are songs that turn out to be bona fide wonders, unearthing artists who, though not very well known, bring with them an extensive musical trajectory full of effort and work. this is the case LP and his famous song “Lost on You”Released in 2015 as part of their fourth album, “Death Valley”, A subject that currently accumulates millions of replicas on different platforms and that has turned its interpreter into something more than a legend. In my case, and certainly in many others, this song allowed me to discover a fascinating artist full of creativity and talent, who has worked for such famous personalities as Cher, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, The Backstreet Boys and Celine Dion. Designed for Count on an extensive career filled with outstanding lyrics and musical potential. Sumado a Esto, LP, nickname of American singer laura pergolizzihas become a lesbian icon and a Leading figure in the LGTBI movementWhich explains the great interest that awakens at each of his concerts.

With this sign halo, there new york artist A new concert was introduced in the frame of the “Noches del Botanico”, a festival celebrated in the Real Jardin Botanico Alfonso XIII. Organized by the festival for the second year in a row, the tickets for this concert were once again sold out and it was one of the most anticipated events in this edition. Please tell that the singer is also presenting her new album. “Church”Launched in late 2021.

Punctual for the appointment, the New York artist took the stage in his distinctively masculine style, donning a handsome white cowboy sombrero to mark the occasion. From the very first minute, the LP demonstrated immense energy and exceptional control over the concert, making it clear that it was destined to become a legend that permeates everything, its powerful voice its main weapon. then like the theme “When We’re High”, “Girls Go Wild”, “Special” or “Muddy Water”, Songs are very interesting in which LP can increase your personality rock styleIn which he highlights the range of his voice with a mezzo-soprano record that allows him to play excellently with treble and falsetto.


That LP has become an icon was evidenced from the very first minutes, when the public applauded her and showered her with gifts and LGBTI flags, to which she always responded positively and kindly. at the end of a concert, with a spectacular result, when singing the last chord of the symbolic theme “Lost on You”, the singer will devote a few minutes to signing T-shirts, hats and soft toys. A gesture (somewhat counterproductive) that is rarely seen at these types of concerts and is perhaps the best example of the success it is experiencing these days.

Laura Pergolizzi is a singer of pure reason, who has an amazing voice and a good command on instruments like guitar and ukulele.

More than the emotion generated by this type of behavior and the controversy that arose, the LP concert was excellent, full of talent and mastery. laura pergolizzi She is a singer of pure reason with a wonderful voice and good command over instruments like guitar and ukulele. His syllabus is also an essential part of his artistic persona, which shows that performing live is his great passion.

In fact, the LP projects that air of an icon and on occasions made us feel like we were watching Prince hey Janis Joplin On set, even though I think she matters little or not at all. The singer will be remembered for her compositional brilliance and her unique voice that makes us groove to the beats of songs of love and courage. Everything else is transitory.

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