This is what Clark Kent would look like if he had the powers of the legendary Super Saiyan.

dragon ball It is one of the most relevant and famous audiovisual works worldwide, and its success extends beyond television, film and video games. As a result of its great popularity, Goku Day was celebrated every May 9th for several years., dedicated to the protagonist of the series created by Akira Toriyama. Now we are introducing a theme that we know you love a lot, this is another fusion between Superman and Super Saiyan powers, something that many would like to see.

If Clark Kent on his own is already strong, we don’t want to imagine how destructive he would be if he had Super Saiyan powers, something many will wonder. to what extent can he handle that much power, and how is kryptonite which is his weak pointit could have affected him if he had Saiyan cells to help him not lose his powers completely.

Dragon Ball X Superman This is what Clark Kent would look like if he had the powers of the legendary Super Saiyan2

Clark Kent in Super Saiyan Sky Mode, a picnob-shared Pinterest illustration that makes Superman look like the most powerful of them all.

Although this is only speculation, it is certain that the design inspired by this fan art wants to highlight the distinctive golden color what so much represents the Super Saiyans, an element that is seen throughout the design and emphasizes how powerful it can be, although this will remain only a fantasy.

While our coverage has mostly focused on Goku and his transformations, Piccolo and his various fan artVidel and its hyper-realistic version, the imperfect Cage, causing horror on a hypothetical poster, we have now put together another fan art that makes us imagine a more complex version of Goku being Xin Zhao.something any League of Legends fan would love to see in an exclusive skin.

Dragon Ball x LOL: This is what Goku would look like if he merged with Xin Zhao, the fan art gives them something in common other than they share the voice of Mario Castañeda.

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