Ministry of Health of the Province of Neuquen

These are five four-wheel drive ambulances, two minibuses and two cargo vans, which will be sent to various medical facilities in the province of Neuquen.

Governor Omar Gutiérrez and Minister of Health Andrea Pev delivered nine new vehicles to Neuquen’s health system as part of the grand opening of the Neuquen Integrated Emergency Network (SIEN) base in the Provincias Unidas district of Neuquen this morning. These are five 4×2 ambulances, two minibuses and two cargo vans, which were purchased on lease from Banco Provincia del Neuquén (BPN) in the amount of 150,000,000 pesos. These additions are part of a plan to continually strengthen, upgrade and expand the public health system’s fleet of vehicles.

In this sense, the governor specified: “The health system includes new ambulances to operate hospitals and provide medical care to every resident in San Martin de los Andes, Junin de los Andes, Alumina, El Hueca and Villa Pehuenia. , five more ambulances. carry out a continuous and permanent process of replacing units and switching on. I also thank and congratulate the excellent governance that they (the mayors) have done because they have supported this effort to crystallize and achieve these goals and make these needs a reality. Today they are here, and I thank them for their active participation in the health system.”

Finally, Gutiérrez highlighted the work of the healthcare system’s administrative system to be able to make these purchases in an unstable macroeconomic environment where it is “difficult to get parts, buy raw materials, buy countless goods, and hire services.”

For his part, Peve stressed: “Today, we will deliver nine vehicles purchased with funds from the province to various hospitals and healthcare departments. As we always emphasize, we continue to update the fleet to ensure maximum safety and comfort for the residents of Neuquen and Neuquen, as well as the medical staff who travel daily on various routes in the province, in many cases making long trips with their patients or in response to various needs in resources, medicines and equipment. Thus, this year we delivered 27 cars, which replenished our regional fleet of 545 cars.”

Thus, five Class A 4×2 ambulances will go to the hospitals of San Martin de los Andes, Junin de los Andes, El Hueca, Alumina and Villa Pehuenia. While two cargo vans will be assigned to the central warehouse and sanitary zone V, respectively, and two minibuses – to sanitary zones III and IV.

The supply of new units with different characteristics allows the process of regionalization of Neuquen’s healthcare system to continue with the aim of providing medical institutions with the resources for a better and larger local solution.

Neuquén’s public health system currently has a fleet of 545 vehicles that perform a fundamental function in terms of health care itself, as well as in terms of operation and logistics. A total of 120 vehicles have been delivered in recent years: 22 in 2021, 71 in 2022 and 27 this year (including the last delivery).

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