Based on true events, the film traces the journey of survival and revenge on the ice.

Returndirected by alejandro gonzalez inarrituis a 2015 American film that won the hearts of audiences and critics alike with its intense and visually stunning story.

based on the novel by Michael Punke And inspired by a true story, this movie stars an amazing cast Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy,

In the year 1823, during an expedition into the uncharted territory of the Old West, explorer and fur trader Hugh Glass (Leonardo Dicaprio) is brutally attacked by a bear.

Wounded and on the verge of death, Glass was abandoned by his companion John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) after seeing the murder of his son.

Determined to survive and seek revenge, Glass ventures into the wilderness alone during a harsh winter, facing extreme challenges and deadly dangers.

continues even after the announcement


  • Leonardo Dicaprio Hue as Glass
  • Tom Hardy as John Fitzgerald
  • Domhnall Gleeson as Captain Andrew Henry
  • Will Poulter as Jim Bridger
  • Brendan Fletcher like fryman

it’s worth seeing?

Return It is a film that is known for its gripping storyline, stellar performances and excellent direction.

impressive performance of Leonardo Dicaprio He received the long-awaited Academy Award for Best Actor and the Award for Cinematography Emmanuel Lubezki Acclaimed, resulting in an amazing experience.

If you enjoy epic and intense movies with a dose of tension and emotion, Return Definitely worth a look.


  • The film was noted for its extremely challenging shooting conditions in remote locations and sub-zero temperatures.
  • The bear attack scene was realized with motion capture techniques and impressive visual effects, providing an immersive and realistic sequence.
  • Leonardo Dicaprio In fact he had to go through extreme conditions himself during filming, including eating raw meat and diving into frozen rivers.

critical consensus

Return It received critical acclaim for its stunning cinematography, skilful direction and powerful performances.

The intense, intriguing story captivated audiences, while Hugh Glass’ journey became an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Return This is a film that defies expectations, takes the audience on an emotionally and visually stunning journey.

combination of efficient driving by alejandro gonzalez inarritugreat performance of Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardyand the stunning cinematography of Emmanuel Lubezki Make this film a masterpiece of cinema.

With a tale of relentless vengeance and survival, Return It is an intense and memorable cinematic experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Return available on Netflix, Star+, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video,

watch Trailer:

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