Myke Towers Breaks Anita’s “Envolver” Record On Spotify Global |

Mike Towers and Anita. (Photo: Instagram/@myketowers and @anita)

After more than a year, Anita lost record achieved with “To involve” But Spotify Global, despite of being The first Latina to top the list of most listened to songs, Carioca had Latin music to last longer in this position. However, this changed on Wednesday (12) “Lala”In Mayke Towerscrossed the mark.

Anita remains the first Latin artist to reach the top spot on Spotify Global. (Photo: Marco Ovando/Disclosure)

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In March 2022, Anita Reached number one on Spotify Global’s Most Played Songs. With this, she became the first Latina to achieve this feat. Soon after, the song moved into placement three daysbecame the longest-playing Latin song at this position.

Now, things have changed thanks to Mayke Towers who also collaborated with Carioca on “Me Gusta”. Puerto Rican born rapper four days But Topping the list of most listened songs Of Spotify Global with track “Lala”. the song is in the album “La Vida Is One”Which was released in March this year.

with change, Anita Lost his record won by “Envolver”. Nevertheless, she remains the first Latin artist to top the list of most listened songs in the world. Spotify Global, This pattern is also present in Guinness Book,

Anita further details a video clip with Sam Smith: “We recorded it during the carnival”.

Anita continues to promote his new era in the international press. Recently Singer has revealed this Sam Smith it is chloe bailey are on their next album, yet the name or release date has not been revealed. In an interview with an American radio station, the Brazilian revealed more details about his collaboration with the British artist.



“We had this song ready for a long time. And I already have a complete story, a plotAnd we are waiting to see which one best matches the music video we shot,” he explained.

Then the singer revealed that the video was recorded during the Brazilian Carnival. ,It has images of the Brazilian carnival and we wanted to add to that spirit”, commented. in February, Anita shot some scenes during Parade of champion samba schools at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro,

Dazzling and surprising fans, the singer walked down the avenue during the parade Hummingbird from Nilopoliswith a coveted outfit borrowed from someone else Sabrina Sato, This look was used by the presenter at the fashion show Villa Isabel in 2022,

In footage published on the Internet, it is possible to see the singer dancing and interacting with samba dancers and other revelers. The dress she wore was also borrowed Sabrina Sato,

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