18 year old starts playing CS:GO and receives a $170,000 knife

There are times when getting something you want is not up to you, but entirely up to you. in the hands of chance. For this reason, although it is always said that hope the last thing to loseone always know how hard it is what can it be to get what you’re looking for because luck isn’t always on the side of everyone. However, it seems that there are times when life smiles at some people and surprises them. completely unexpected prizeswhich can completely change the lives of these people.

This is exactly what happened to an 18-year-old boy who, in try to get a gun or the knife you like cs:go boxesin the end I got what I could not imagine: a knife valued at $169,000. CS:GO boxes are very famous among video game lovers as there are many people who they tried their luck buying a key to open them. But, as streamers such as Rubius, Xokas, Mariana or Spreen have repeatedly demonstrated, winning something which compensates for the costs from these keys much harder than you can imagine, because everything is in the hands of chance.

Therefore, this young man’s surprise was such that he went beyond your screen and reached thousands of people, to the level that the streamer interviewed this young man. This news was all the more surprising since this boy not only achieved win this knife and put on the market, but even he already sold it. This is something that surely leaves many speechless for the amount of money they paid for an in-game product, selling it for $169,000.

And, as expected, the winner indicated that this amount also means a lot of money for himbecause getting that kind of money at such a young age can be change someone’s life. Undoubtedly, when you are lucky, such extraordinary things happen.

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