we look at models that have gone down in history

“obscene”, “provocative” or “immoral” were some of the qualifiers those you might have encountered half a century ago por wear something as common as the bikini is today.

Its design came out in the 40s thanks to the idea of ​​a French engineer named Louis Rearwho wanted to introduce the two-piece bathroom set to the world. This invention is famous every July 5th Happy World Bikini Day.

The term comes from land complex in the Marshall Islands where the US started test nuclear weaponscalled Bikini Atoll. Réard acquired the term to convey that its design was “explosive”.

On July 5, 1946, an Italian dancer who worked in a Parisian casino named Micheline Bernardiniwas chosen by a designer to wear a bikini in a public pool. meat grinder.

The model is easy to grip public viewsbecause it made it possible to see areas previously covered by a swimsuit like a belly. From magasIN we browse ten most iconic models clothing that promoted women’s freedom.

This list could not begin without the bikini that started the revolution. Not only was the garment itself innovative, but also the print that Réard chose for it. consisted of newspaper illustrations.

Among the stars who made the bikini trendy we find unrivaled Marilyn Monroethat was one of the pioneers in brand new clothes so criticized on the big screen. Once he put it on, he couldn’t resist it and decided to use it in different styles and colors.

Brigitte Bardot It was another star that contributed to the great popularity of the bikini. Among the most mythical, the one he wore in the film stands out. le mepris, A 1963 film by Jean-Luc Godard.

when you think about Ursula Andressthe first image that comes to mind is modeling white bikini with belt who looked like Honey Ryder in movie Agent 007 vs Dr. No. thoughtful design historical in the world of fashion and cinema.

Iconic is how you would define Brooke Shields in an impromptu “bikini” in an eighties movie Blue Lagoonwhere are topics like menstruation or female sexuality They were clearly presented.

star Wars famous such fancy outfits worn by their characters. Among them, we cannot forget this bikini from another world that she wore. Carrie Fisher in return of the jedidone with metallic copper color.

If we were jealous of something Pamela Anderson It was her gorgeous body and her bathing suits. his character in Malibu safeguards served as an inspiration for all the girls who ever want to wear his mythical red bathing suit. However, this colorful bikini is not far behind and proves once again that there is no one like Anderson.

If you are more of a series or a movie, Charlie’s Angels was a part of your life. World Bikini Day is the perfect moment to remember this photoshoot where Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu they were wearing a white bikini that could only look so good on an angel.

One of great divas of the 2000s surprised us with this outfit as a bikini in her interpretation Lara Croft in tomb Raider. In film, Angelina Jolie showed not only that he knew how to conduct hand-to-hand combat, but also that he anyone could wear looks what did he suggest

Elsa Pataky left no one indifferent they sit on the sand. Plain, patterned, triangular or hair bandevery design the actress was photographed with He surprised us more than the previous one.

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