Valorant: South Still Pink, KRU Blaze manages to stay undefeated in LATAM Game Changers.

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Only one day of competition left. Changes in the rules of the game in Latin America we have 2 duels left, which can set a different pace within the competition, things in the table changed little due to the level of both regions, the tournament gave a lot of topics for conversation, because every week there is a continuous evolution of each participant in the tournament.


The first duel will crusaders due to Kru Blaze on the map of fracture shows a fairly good level Shyz who managed to knock down their opponents several times, managing to score 9-3, in the second half the situation continued in favor of the pink team, which made several games to win the match with a score of 13-4. On the second map we have Pearl who keeps things on the side of the CRU, seeing Romi after scoring some important losses that made them very comfortable at 9-3, in the second half UC’s reaction was noticeable in some rounds, but the strength of the pink team left the situation in their favor to take the win.

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The second match was Leviathan vs Skull Cracker Quartz on the map Pearl where do we see Miku wreak havoc in the competition by having Phoenix surprise pretty well to make it 7-5 the second half had to lied creating multiple opportunities to make the SC team turn the game 13-8. The second confrontation will be in bind with a very even game between both sides, showing 6-6 in the match, in the second part we will see Alexeyshot It will be someone who has managed to find a way to gain an advantage in order to be able to score points who manage to put 13-8 which gives them the win.

This is how Game Changers week ends with the team KRU manage to dominate the southern league and maintain invincibility, on the other hand, the team SCQ They retain second place in the tournament, now it’s time to analyze the mistakes and polish the game for a few days to continue scoring in the competition, there are still a few dates left before reaching the playoffs.

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