The most popular Vandals skins in Valorant

As we already explained in the first part of Valorant skins, in shooter by RIOT GamesUnlike CS:GO, we cannot get leather the game we want. The Valorant store works differently with “page” that changes every dayand therefore forces us every day to pay attention to what News appear in our account. For this reason, getting a certain aspect in Valorant can be almost more expensive than in other shooters. Thus, it is normal that some skins stand out from the rest. Today we will consider five aspects Vandal you want.

Vandal, a weapon to learn how to use

Again, and as always, the cyclical debate reappeared about which weapon was better, Vandal or Phantom. Without going back to which is better, we are clear that the Vandal is one of the weapons that you need to master, yes or yes if you want. One rank higher in RIOT Games.

if in League of Legends the most prominent champions have many skins, in Valorant it is very similar. In fact, with far fewer weapons than champions, it’s okay for them to repeat themselves. While most weapons have interesting aspects, Vandal one of the best weapons for “tuning”. Today we present five lines of skins that you will want to own and try.

glitch pop

We’re off to a good start. list of skin lines from Valorant regarding vandals. One of the most commonly used in games, both in high-ranking and more casual games. One of the interesting points, in addition to his aesthetics, its animation or its auctionWhat caught the attention of the community was how beautiful the “base skin” is. We can also take different aspects of blue, red or black.


Source: AFC Gaming

We have gone from one of the most sought-after to, probably, “King” of the Vandals, at least in the early stages of RIOT Games. Prime Skin Line managed to join the community on very good ground, both in its vandal aspect and as a personal weapon. A simple design But what do you want to have?

RGX 11Z Pro

Image Source: Riot Games

One of the newest in terms of the appearance of this entire list in Valorant. A line of skins that gained momentum very quickly. So much so that they should have done a second part with different weapons RGX equally. Although it is one of the faces of RIOT Games, it is one of best game animations and sounds. In addition, under the eye, he has a kill counter.


Image Source: Riot Games

If Vandal Prime was one of the most sought after and used in the game in the early stages of the game, then kidnapper not far behind. Another one of the most used Vandal skins., especially in the early days of Valorant. Four very different aspects in terms of colors in which red and purple stand out. Of course, players like TenZ continue to use it today.

Prelude to Chaos

Image Source: Riot Games

Undoubtedly, a line of skins with a rarer cooldown. Regardless, this is probably one of the things that vandal players have enjoyed the most in Valorant. In addition, it has different aspects with bright colors if you are tired of the main one. There is another aspect to be taken into account, viz. animation weapon while examining it.

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