The fan asked Harry Styles for help talking to Crush (who was her photographer); See the reaction! ,

In addition to photographing the “Love on Tour” show, Lloyd also serves as a director. Photos: Instagram/@lloydddddddddddd

As the series name of the show suggests, Love is indeed on tour Harry Styles, passing through frankfurtBut GermanyIn this Wednesday (5)singer played ‘Cupid’ To a fan who asked for your help sending a signal Crush, What the interpreter of “Sign of the Times” did not expect was that Crush was in question Lloyd Wakefield, photographer are with him on this tour. and now?!

Photo: Instagram/@lloydddddddddddd

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At a certain point in the show, a fan in the audience drew attention to the singer and said that he would like the sound of “As It Was” to help him with his mission to communicate with the audience. Crush, The situation, already infuriating the public, became even more fascinating when it was revealed that the target of the ‘platonic love’ was a photographer working with the artist.

“Ah…he lives in the shadows…he lives in the shadows taking pictures”said the singer while the stage focused on the face of the screen lloyd, Initially, he didn’t quite understand what was happening, as if he was wondering if he was actually on the screen.



Did at least one happen? dm between lloyd and person of interest?!

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Harry Styles is considered the owner of the world’s most attractive smile

Photo: Disclosure/Lily Eiger

It’s not enough to reach the top of the music charts, Harry Styles It also competes to be the leader in worldwide beauty rankings. master of hits”as it waswas chosen by the British newspaper mirrorIn march, the owner of the most charming smile on the planet. The publication enlisted the help of dentists and oral health experts to compile the list.

One of the dentists consulted by The Mirror, Gulay came, argued that Styles’ smile has “perfect symmetry” and is “charming”. The proportions of the pre-1D’s teeth are “in harmony” with the singer’s face. ,Harry Styles’ smile has perfect symmetry, with his front teeth slightly larger than the others.said the professional.

Photo: Diya Dipasupil/Getty Images (Popline use authorized)

english television presenter maya jama led from the front among women Kate Middleton in ranking.

“The smile of the Princess of Wales is also beautiful and endearing: the connection between the upper and lower lips is ideal, the buccal corrugation – the area where you see the corners of the mouth – is perfectly proportioned, and the symmetry of the front teeth perfect.” Is”, said a professional.

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