The absences of Gustavo Petro due to illness occurred only within the country.

President Petro has made 21 international trips and is currently in Belgium. Presidency.

It’s been a week since owning President Gustavo Petroeverything was ready for the ceremony of transfer of command and recognition of the troops, after appointment of a new military leadership. Although the guests, as well as the bodies of the generals and their families, were at the scene, it later became known that the event was cancelled. The head of state never showed up.

First from House of Narino The following message was sent: “We inform you that, unfortunately, the event recognition of the troops at the school of José María Córdoba. The President continues to attend urgent closed government meetings. However, the next day it was revealed that he was unable to attend due to “deep pain in his abdomen”.

It was the first of a series of rudeness on the part of the President at events that were considered very important, when the presence of the President of the Republic was always taken for granted. However, there were more absences during his tenure, including for medical reasons.

It is noteworthy, however, that his absence due to illness was at events within the country, in none of your international trips, more than 20the president has broken his agenda.

His first failure happened during his tenure as elected president, 11 days before the inauguration, he was going to meet with the mayors of the country. According to reports, “severe sore throat”. prevented him from appearing with local leaders; Some time later, it was ruled out that it was a covid-19 infection, after a negative PCR test result.

Another rudeness was when the president canceled his presence at the event Colombian Confederation of Cooperatives of Colombia (Confecor). According to reports at the time, Gustavo Petro stated that he had been ill with the flu for several weeks and that he had lost his voice due to this. He later canceled his schedule for two days.

On November 30, 2022, the President took up several robes from the highest courts. From 18:00 he was expected for official possession Juan Carlos Cortes like a judge Constitutional Court And Marjorie Zuniga Romero as a magistrate Labor Chamber of the Supreme Court.

Although Presidency Legal Secretary Vladimir Fernandezobsessed with officials of the high courts, the magistrates were upset by the absence of the head of state.

The dressed waited for more than an hour and then made it clear that they would think about “forceful measures” for officials who did not attend protocol events at the Palace.

So obviously dissatisfied with what was happening, the magistrates left the Casa de Nariño and did not participate in the celebration, which was later entrusted to the court. Minister of Justice Nestor Osuna. On this occasion, a dinner was prepared for 70 people.

Although the Palace explained that the absence of the president in the act of possession of the magistrates will not be related to his state of health. A day later, on December 1, Gustavo Petro wrote in his account on Twitter: “The virus kept me in bed today. Covid has been ruled out. I hope to recover.”

On June 28, 2023, during the week that President Gustavo Petro ruled from La Guajira, he held an event in Dibulla where the government donated 490 hectares to the Logui people and 188 hectares to peace activists. ButPetro could not participate, then he explained the reasons because of which he was unable to fulfill his schedule. “I got sick mainly because I ate there, in the far north, a little “mecato” made from water, from the water of La Guajira.”

Likewise July 14th Board of the Historical Pact held a meeting and although Gustavo Petro was planned to attend, the president ended up never coming.

“Unfortunately, we were told that the president is a little unwellbut the maturity of this bench, the Historical Pact, is that it just has this dialogue with the government, with the ministers, which was the main thing,” he said. David Racero, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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