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American-Brazilian musician sami choffee track release announced “Sing You To Me (Dream Version)”The artist’s new interpretation of his song “Sing You to Me”, to be released in 2022. The track, released across all digital platforms, comes with a music video, which is already available on Sami’s official YouTube channel.

Filmed in El Mirage Lake, California and directed by American director John MayerThe video takes place in a dystopian future, and features actress Natalie Burtney as a hero. Director John Mayer says, “When I heard ‘Sing You To Me (Dream Version)’, I realized it was a song about reconnecting with love.” “As for the emotional weight of the song, I interpreted it as occurring at some sort of impossible impasse. Thinking about the impending war and climate disaster, I let my mind wander to a future apocalyptic scenario where there are only a few survivors”, he added.

John goes on to explain the interpretation of the video he directed: “I have intentionally made this video open to multiple interpretations, but my personal interpretation is that the Sami along with most of the world’s population enter the next life as some sort of victim has been converted into A nuclear disaster that destroyed cities and made the air unbreathable. The source of life, fresh water, is almost impossible to find, but those who still have some hope must believe that it still exists somewhere. The idea is that the power of love between two souls is not limited to the elements on earth and in this scenario, Sami guides her earthly lover to life by offering him water through the plane where he is. He decides to do this by literally singing frequencies through the ether and she can listen and be guided by them if she trusts her intuition,” John continues.

“Of course, even though she may understand this sweet message, nothing is ever easy in a dystopian scenario and she will have to follow clues and natural wonders like eclipses to make sense of it. Once she successfully encounters the elusive water, time ceases to exist and she becomes unified with the energy that is water and eventually her lost lover. It is no longer sad or sad, your frequencies have aligned and it is as if the disaster created by the Warlords never happened. Love has proven to be deeper and more powerful than even the darkest of circumstances.

Sami explains that this version of “Sing You to Me” was the initial concept for the song, and shares his joy at finally releasing it on music apps along with the emotional rollercoaster that is its music video – which he calls one of the best One believes. has he ever done. The singer explains, “For me this version of the track is the ‘dream version’ because that’s basically how I heard it in my head: piano, cello and vocals.” “When I originally sang this song, it reminded me of the first moment I fell in love with my wife, Renata. I thought of the long journey to find my way back to him after 18 years as I fell in love with him at a very young age. I sang this version in a completely different time frame. I imagined my life without him. I wondered if any of us came out of it for the better, which is why the video contains the powerful images you see here. I hope that with this song I can expand my audience and find music lovers who love piano ballads. The track is in the contemporary pop genre. I hope fans of artists such as Keane, Coldplay, Adele, Sarah McLachlan, Sam Smith, Robbie Williams and The Frey will discover my work after hearing ‘Sing You To Me (Dream Version)’, he concluded.

Sami will return to Brazil this September for a series of presentations and promises new video clips in the coming months.

See the lyrics of “Sing You To Me (Dream Version)”
Written by Sami Choffey

From the moment I saw you, I always knew I’d be the fool for you

You looked like an angel in those white ripped blue jeans

oh i hope you see the way i look at you now

And I promise you, if your love fades

i’ll sing you back to me

And I promise you, if your heart is broken

i’ll sing you back to me

The kind of girl who’s never late but always stays up late for me

With just a smile, you stop the war and bring peace back to me.

My sweetest dedication, one look was enough and now I’m addicted

those green eyes and that long dark brown hair

And I promise you, if your love fades

i’ll sing you back to me

And I promise you, if your heart is broken

i’ll sing you back

Even when the world grows cold and burns to the ground

just know that i will be right here with you

holding you tight my love

And when the time comes, I’ll find you again, baby

I promise you that if your love fades

i’ll sing you back to me

And I promise you, if your heart is broken

i’ll sing you back to me

I’ll sing you back to me, yeah

i’ll sing you back to me

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