Hailey Bieber stuns by mixing socks and sandals

hailey bieberPhotographed yesterday, Friday (16) wearing Style Which causes controversy among some people when they think about the possibility of using it publicly. wife of Justin BiberAll this paired with a cute puppet and a pair of white socks.

Hailey Bieber walking the streets of New York with her papaya and a pair of socks. (Photo:Playback/Getty Images.)

The fashion world loves creations that cause surprise and innovation in the footwear sector. brand partnership balenciaga And this CrocsFor instance, it has created quite a stir among fashion enthusiasts and people who don’t care much about style. The Crocs Ultra Quadrado shoe and the Crocs Pump are examples of shoes that were well-loved by some and equally hated by others.

A good pair of slippers and socks is part of almost all – if not all – Brazilians’ look, in order to be comfortable at home when the temperature is not so cold. We almost never use this composition outside the four walls because we think it won’t taste as good. However, Hailey proves otherwise. Although she wasn’t wearing flip-flops and a pair of socks, the model proved that it’s possible to keep your feet warm without losing out on style. Hailey’s Brazilian origins showed up here, but with a very girly touch. Hailey, who has always been extremely clean, once again showed off her style on the streets of the Big Apple.

Well this was not the first time. Since landing in New York, the model has looked different. We already know Hailey’s sophisticated basicism that includes jeans, T-shirts, and a lot of neutrality, though the New York air may have influenced the businesswoman to experiment anew.

Speaking of businesswoman, this is the other side of Hailey. A few days back, your skin care brand, road, celebrated one year. On this occasion, he hosted a dinner at Raf restaurant in Manhattan in the presence of influential people and some friends.

Hailey’s making out for Rhode’s birthday dinner. (Photo: reproduction/twitter/hailey bieber outfits)

Hailey reserved the day for taking some pictures with her guests and enjoying lots of good food and finally, after Mrs. Bieber’s speech, everyone enjoyed a cake in the form of Glazing Milk – New release of Rode Skin. Nothing more than a moisturizing essence.

Featured photo: Hailey Bieber. Playback/Hailey Bieber Brazil.

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