Caster from Apex Legends made controversial statements and angered the entire community

Esports wouldn’t be the same without commentators who bring excitement to matches and give us valuable insight into the competitive cycle. There was a big controversy in this community recently because the caster from Apex Legends I despise the work of the entire sector.

Brad ‘im_b_rad’ Luscher posted a message on his social networks that angered almost the entire esports community. He stated that commentators are the least important part and therefore they should be paid in proportion to their relevance.

“Casters are the least important part of a broadcast and should be paid as such. The administration, the audience and the production are more important for the transfer, ”the host said. As expected, the community reacted angrily.

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Controversy shakes the esports casting community

im_b_rad’s comments have angered the casting community as they feel they despise their job and its importance to esports. For this reason, many other commenters have complained about his position, as they believe that he devalues ​​all the work of the community.

“I think this might be the most clueless thing I’ve ever read about not only esports but streaming in general,” says one of the many responses m_b_rad received.

Some players even criticized the commentator’s position, believing that commentators are necessary for broadcasts. Professionals especially noted the work of the commentators and stated that they are very important for the audience and the industry.

“A good commentator makes communication with the fans much more enjoyable,” said the GUARD NET player.
Given the criticism and poor reception of his message, im_b_rad posted another text in which he apologized. He admitted that his message was not well directed. He also explained that he respects the casters’ work because, after all, it’s their job.

He explained that being a commentator comes with many challenges, including dealing with commentators who are not very good at their jobs. Therefore, he hopes that the entire community will find opportunities and enjoy the role of commentator.

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