Vizzotti, Massa, Katopodis and Alicia Kirshner opened two modular medical centers in Santa Cruz.

During his visit to the province of Santa Cruz, the Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Visotti, virtually accompanied by the Minister of the Economy of the Nation, Sergio Massa, and his colleague in Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis, inaugurated, together with Governor Alicia Kirchner, the Wilson Eduardo Parada Modular Medical Center in Caleta Olivia and the Modular Pico Truncado Medical Center, to which the national government has allocated more than 720 million pesos for infrastructure and equipment.

“The national government is working together with the provinces, municipalities, mayors, from a federal point of view and taking care of what is needed, it was necessary to strengthen primary care here, and we did it,” Vizzotti explained during the opening of the modular center. Caleta Olivia Hospital, in which more than 351 million pesos have been invested.

The Minister, who also participated virtually in the opening of the Pico Truncado Modular Sanitary Center, highlighted the work carried out in collaboration with the Ministries of Public Works and the Economy. In addition, he pointed out that under the Health Reconstruction Plan, the national government recently delivered a total of 10 ambulances to the province of Santa Cruz to improve the quality of care in the province’s health care system.

Finally, Vizzotti remarked, “We are working with a federal focus on health and far beyond the pandemic, knowing that together we are so much stronger, the truth is that it is a source of pride, great joy to be able to share this day with you.” .”

The work is carried out within the framework of the Modular Health Centers (MOC) strategy, which is part of the activities of the Federal Health Infrastructure Network. Through the joint work of the ministries of health and public works, the total investment of this network in strengthening the public health system throughout the country is 54,233 million pesos.

Santa Cruz

The two modular centers have an area of ​​990 m² each, where common rooms, gynecology and obstetrics, as well as image processing are installed. They also include a multi-purpose rehabilitation room, X-ray room, pharmacy, and toilets with facilities for people with disabilities. More than 392 million pesos have been allocated for the Pico Truncado Modular Medical Center, while 351 million pesos have been invested in the center located in Caleta Olivia.

In Caleta Olivia, together with the head of the national portfolio of health, the Minister of Health and the Environment of the province, Claudio Garcia; YPF President Pablo Gonzalez; Mayor Fernando Cotillo; Director of the Wilson Eduardo Parada Modular Hospital Daniela Carod; in addition to officials and officials of the provincial executive power.

During the event, Vizzotti also participated, with Massa and Katopodis, in the simultaneous inauguration of five works aimed at improving the quality of life in the communities of Buenos Aires, Misiones, Tierra del Fuego and Santa Cruz, with an estimated total investment of 7,813 million pesos.

Transport Minister Diego Giuliano; Energy Minister Flavia Royon; and the nation’s Minister of Industry and Industrial Development, José Ignacio de Mendiguren. From there, national officials contacted Buenos Aires governors Axel Kichillof via satellite; from Missions, Oscar Herrera Ahuad; and from Tierra del Fuego Gustavo Melella.

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