Travis Scott had a meeting with Michael Jordan and hinted at the launch of a new sneaker – Rap Mice

In the video, Travis Scott shows the mysterious object to Michael Jordan, who admires the creation.

This Thursday (13), the brand Jordan go for Instagram to tease about a possible new collaboration with the rapper travis scott, In a published video, the artist and star nba, Michael Jordan, are seen chatting via video. Then the Houston singer shows the former athlete an item and says he’s “working on it.”

Jordan then claims that whatever Travis is talking about “sounds good”, telling the rapper that he “did a good job”. travis scott is seen with his team gathered around a table observing a hazy, unidentified object. The Air Jordan logo immediately flashes on the screen, followed by the title of Travis’ upcoming album, “Utopia”.

travis scott cover
Photo: Lorne Thomson

Most fans suspect that the two have a new collaboration in the works. Many are looking forward to seeing what he has created, and are looking forward to a new addition to the Signature lineup. In addition, the logo of the new album travis scott appearing at the end of the video may indicate that the artist and brand are working on a model inspired by the record.

For now, there is little information available about the collaboration or when it might launch. Meanwhile, speculations are rife travis scott Will release his new work on July 28 this year, the same day his audition is scheduled in Egypt. Tickets for their performance at the Pyramids of Giza recently sold out in only ten minutes.

Earlier this week, he also revealed some new album details to get fans excited. The artist confirmed that the new album would feature five different covers, as shown in pre-orders on his website. Another detail has come to light that this work could be manufactured by reputed manufacturer rick rubinAs in a video the two are shown talking in the studio.

Check out the video below:

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