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Music rules: amazing music, impeccable voices that don’t scream, amazing costumes, perfect dance numbers and compelling performances. And what you usually see in Rio are weak copies of famous entertainment musicals. One might even say “traitorous translator”.

However, “Sponge Bob the Musical” is flawless. Bob Esponza was born in Chicago, and the Brazilian version, although with costumes, choreography and performances different from the original, managed to recreate the atmosphere of the city Bikini Bottom with completely psychedelic colors.

First, there is the concrete representation of two-dimensional cartoons for three-dimensional human forms as we see in the Brazilian artists of Bob Esponja. Everyone sings, dances, moves, positions himself in a way that can only be admired. There is no sarcastic or taciturn language in Fabio Namatem’s beautiful, unique, colourful, eye-catching costumes and Feliciano Sanromán’s vizagismo – they combine perfectly and describe the characters with easy recognizability.

The songs are far from easy and repetitive formula, as they are written by great musicians: David Bowie, Cyndi Lauper, John Legend, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry (from Aerosmith), Panic! At the Disco, The Flaming Lips and Sara Bareilles, among others. Other. With this, the rightly chosen team by producer Renata Abreu – direction by veteran Gustavo Barchillon, innovative musical direction by Laura Visconti in the Brazilian version of the talented Anna Toledo, lighting by Maneco Quindere, visuals by Natalia Lana – manage to go beyond Does The Original Esponja Bob.

Everything is very, very good, especially for a musical directed at children – a hit! I went with the “board of critics”: Vitória (13), Rosa (7) and Nuno (5). Vittoria premiered at the Theater by the Front Door; Rosa danced and sang the whole time; And Nuno was mesmerized watching both the acts. And this is the best form of criticism.


City of Arts, Barra, until this Sunday (07/16)

Saturday at 4 PM and Sunday at 5 PM.

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