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Matt Damon spoke about the mental illness he suffered because of one of his films

Matt Damon spoke about the mental illness he suffered because of one of his films

Matt Damon remembered a difficult moment he went through filming one of his many film projects.

According to the actor, “he fell depressed” during the recording of the project that it was not what I “hoped for”. The translator, who will be one of the most important characters in Christopher Nolan’s next film, Oppenheimerrevealed in a new interview.

Even though Damon he did not want name the movie what did he refer to he remembered regretting it during production. “Without naming any particular film… sometimes you find yourself in a movie that you know might not be what you hoped and you are still making it“, kept.

And I remember that I was halfway through production, and it was still a few months away. and I took my family somewhere, you know, and upset them, and I remember my wife took me away because i got depressed because of what i did“, – he added in a cinematic video.

Oppenheimer Premier

On the other hand, recently Damon and the entire cast of Oppenheimer walked out of a film premiere in the midst of a strike. Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) which adds to Hollywood screenwriters.

The actor said that The actors talked about their strike strategy before arriving on the red carpet for the film’s premiere in London on Thursday.

we talk about it”, he assured on the red carpet. “Look, if it is announced now, then obviously everyone will leave in solidarity … As soon as the strike is officially announced (let’s go). That’s why we moved it (red carpet) because We know that as soon as it becomes official, we will go home.“.

Damon added:We gave permission to strike. We voted 98% to 2% for this because we know our leaders are in our best interest.“.

It’s really the work of the actors.“, he continued. “It takes $26,000 to raise the level of health insurance, and many people are left out, with residual payments pushing them past that threshold. This is not an academic exercise.. This is real life and death. Let’s hope we come to a decision quickly. No one wants to stop work, but we must come to a fair agreement.“.

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