For $85 an hour, you can learn how to play VALORANT with one of the best

VALORANT It may seem like a simple game, but at the highest competitive level, it’s a brutal experience. If your dream is to compete and win an important championship, one way to get there is to learn from the best. Want to try? It is possible if you are willing to pay $85 per hour.

Trent Cairns, one of the top players in VCT Ascension and a member of The Guard, is looking for a way to hang out and make some money between Riot Games’ competitive leagues. So the young man thought it was a good idea to offer counselling.

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Trent tweeted that he would be giving advice VALORANT in exchange for $85 per hour. For this amount, you will receive personal assistance in which a professional player will see how you play and suggest where you can improve. It can be either a live broadcast or a recording of the game.

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It is worth noting that Trent will also be advising teams and groups. Thus, this is a good opportunity for players from all over the world to get the opportunity to improve their game and try to compete in VALORANT at the highest level.

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Although Trent is not yet one of the best players on the planet, he is one of the most promising players. VALORANT. The player recently surprised in the final season of VCT Ascension by becoming one of the stars of The Guard’s historic performance. As such, he is a player from whom the vast majority can learn a lot.

What do you think of this new one? You are excited about the opportunity to learn from one of the new talents VALORANT? Write to us in the comments.

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