amazing wrist tattoo ideas for men and women

A wrist tattoo This is a very popular and stylish option. This area of ​​the body provides an ideal place for small, meaningful tattoos as well as ones that are easily visible or inconspicuous, depending on your preference.

As far as male and female tattoos Tattooing has become a popular form of personal expression and it is increasingly common to find people with permanent designs on their hands, feet and backs. One of the most popular choices is the wrist, an area that allows you to immortalize messages and images in a delicate and discreet way.

wrist tattoo manage to locate phrases and designs

Many people choose to get their first tattoo on the wrist, taking advantage of its delicate and easily visible area. In this area, it is possible to trace not only delicate drawings, but also phrases that carry a special meaning.

Source: Instagram @cipritattoo

Similarly, religious symbols can have special meaning for everyone.

Source: Instagram @alerosatattoo

Use series and movies as inspiration for tattoos.

The movies and series are also special and deserve perpetuity on the skin. For example, Wonder Woman is an example of strength to many.

Source: Instagram @tatuadoandersonbonfim

To remember loved ones or special dates, tattoos on the wrist are a delicate place and always leave behind good memories. So, to represent, you can bet on the whole date, just the year or just the initials of any one.

Source: Instagram @larabuenotattoo

Here, for example, short branches complement the dates and initials:

Source: Instagram @maiaragiordani

Ahead, . Semicolons are pauses, but not ends, a symbol of struggle and persistence.

Source: Instagram @marciellythome

Like the heart and zodiac symbol, special images of each can be tattooed on the wrist.

Source: Instagram @dannyrocktattoo

Source: Instagram @eduardotattoo2

Also, the lotus flower is a symbol of rebirth and purity of body and mind.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram @rruca1

Although wrist tattoos are usually small, it is possible to get larger tattoos.

Source: Instagram @niuktribodejudatattoo

Certainly, flowers and branches are excellent choices for feminine wrist tattoos.

Source: Instagram @mauroart_tattoo

Butterflies and hearts are both classics when choosing a design.

Source: Instagram @desideratattoo

However, it is possible to innovate in the form and layout of the image.

Source: Instagram @iamarttattoos

Do you want to immortalize the birth of children? So, the place for tattooing the date and on the short legs can be wrists.

Source: Instagram @seon_tattoo

Lastly, anyone who is an animal lover, be it dog, cat or others, is not left out.

Source: Instagram @bora_tattooer

Source: Instagram @makiyo_tattoo

Source: Instagram

delicate female wrist tattoo

Yet for the female audience, we scoop up inspiration from delicate matching wrist tattoos.

For travel lovers, the design of the earth with an airplane expresses a desire to play in the world.

Source: Instagram

Bracelet tattoos are undoubtedly one of the most delicate options out there. The trim, as well as an accessory, may include the names of children, mother, father, or a loved one.

Source: Instagram @murcielore

Flowers are, first of all, a symbol of humility. And on the wrist it is no different, as the soft hues complement each other.

Source: Instagram @dannyrocktattoo

Source: Instagram @liinohxtattoo

Like the lucky clover, the heart is one of the classics and there’s no mistaking it.

Source: Instagram @tatuadoandersonbonfim

Source: Instagram @inspiretattoobrasil

Source: Instagram @mkirkuptattoo

Anyway, getting a number you consider lucky is too delicate to get tattooed on your wrist.

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male wrist tattoo

The male audience is not untouched by wrist tattoos, and they can be not only small and discreet, but also large and full of details.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram @myrandatattoo

A tattoo with elements of nature is also a good choice, as they create a unique design.

Source: Instagram @raonimaciel_tattoo

Do you like tribal style? So, you can make it as a bracelet covering the entire wrist.

Source: Instagram @dannyrocktattoo

Fans of the Harry Potter saga can tattoo references to this passion, such as the glasses and the lightning bolt, for example, which are symbols of the main character.

Source: Instagram @barbaraguerrart

Similarly, for music lovers, the player is a discreet and creative symbol to live on forever on the skin.

Source: Instagram @guicorrea_tattoo

Specific symbols and numbers are ways to make a tattoo unique.

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Source: Instagram @nextatooink

lateral wrist tattoo

Besides the wrist being a very popular place to get a tattoo, the side of the wrist is also a very common place for the design. Yet discreet, it manages to remain visible.

Source: Instagram @murcielore

Like others, tattoos on the side of the wrist have different symbols and designs, which can be very creative.

Source: Instagram @inspirecao_tattos_

Be creative, as beer mugs can also be tattooed.

Source: Instagram @felipetattoo_2022

Source: Instagram @isatattoo

The delicacy of the place is maintained in the side tattoo.

Source: Instagram @gabysalestattoos

The flower, owl and cross are strong symbols that represent a lot of history.

Source: Instagram @nataly_budaye

phrase wrist tattoo

The wrist is a great place to tattoo phrases that can bring back good memories.

Source: Instagram @ellenladeiatattoo

The phrases can be from a book, series, movie, or even a beloved or famous person.

Source: Instagram @katryntattoo

Source: Instagram @courtneilparks

written wrist tattoo

In the same way, written wrist tattoos serve as a daily reminder of inspiration.

“I can” . Source: Instagram @katryntattoo

“enjoy the moment”. Source: Instagram @katryntattoo

Letters can be handwritten or written in block style.

Source: Instagram @leonel_tattoo_s

celebrities with wrist tattoos

Many celebrities also have tattoos on their wrists, including names like Harry Styles, Bruna Marquezin, Maluma, Dua Lipa, Neymar Jr. and others.

For example, singer Harry Styles has an anchor tattooed on the top of his wrist.

Source: Instagram @harrystyles

Singers Luisa Sonja and Ludmila chose the mandala style for tattoos on their wrists.

Source: Instagram @luisasonza

Source: Instagram @ludmilla

Business woman Bianca and writer Bruna Vieira got a swallow tattoo as a symbol of freedom.

Source: Instagram @bianca

Source: Instagram @brunavieira

Flavia Alessandra’s tattoo is more secretive, a crown on her wrist.

Source: Instagram @flaviaalessandra

Cleo also has a tattoo on her wrist. Source: Instagram @cleo

One of singer Maluma’s countless tattoos is a date on her wrist.

Source: Instagram @maluma

Gui Araújo has several tattoos in the wrist area, and the main attraction is an old school style dagger.

Source: Instagram @guiaraujo13

Pitti has a tattoo of the female symbol on her wrist.

Source: Instagram @pitti

Dua Lipa is a fan of delicate and discreet tattoos as well as side wrist tattoos.

Source: Instagram @dualipa

Pablo Vittar also has a side tattoo on his wrist. Source: Instagram @pabllovittar

Players Neymar Jr and Antonia Fontenelle have a name tattooed on their wrists, which is undoubtedly a classic choice for the region.

Source: Instagram @ladyfontenelle

Source: Instagram @neymarjr

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