One of VALORANT’s most coveted knives is coming to more regions, according to the leak.

One of the most coveted knives in VALORANT comes to life.  to other regions according to filtration

One of VALORANT’s most coveted knives is coming to more regions, according to the leak.

As with other competitive games, cosmetics play an important role. VALORANT. Of course, your abilities on the maps will always take precedence; however, they can be a sign of talent, longevity, or status. That’s why many will be interested to know that one of the most coveted knives can make it to more regions.

how does it count DotEsportsrecently community VALORANT He was surprised when a leak showed that one of the best knives can be found in America and Europe. These are cosmetics that only debuted in China and were part of the launch celebration. VALORANT in the region.

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This is a melee Kitana knife, featuring a thoughtful and beautiful design, as well as unique sound effects. According to the leak, there is already material in the files VALORANT which indicates that it is a matter of time before this item will be available on all servers.

You'll soon be able to own this VALORANT object if the leak is true

This VALORANT object could be yours soon if the leak is true

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Apparently, this knife will go on sale in honor of the launch of Chinese servers VALORANT. It is worth noting that this will be a product for a limited time, so it will only be available in the store for a while and will never return. So better take the chance to get it.

But how much will it cost? This is something that the leaks cannot yet answer. That being said, given that it has a very intricate design, it will likely sell for over $50.

Are you excited to get this coveted knife? What excites you the most in this cosmetics? Write to us in the comments.

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