with the effect of a guy and emphasizes the first summer tan

Summer does not happen without kisses, and our celebrities do not have holidays in Ibiza. Not a day goes by that we don’t get images of some of them enjoying the island, and today it’s Maria Pedraza’s turn. who shows off a great guy in a bikini that has it all. Because in addition to improving her figure even more with the thong panties, she also enhances the first summer tan with a fluorescent orange top. Because not only Georgina Rodriguez or Aitana leave them to us looks in a bikini on a boat, also the Elite actress wanted to join the summer poses that remind us so much of those mythical Anah Obregon that started the summer. In Ibiza, Victoria Federica also left us her bikini poses, who is now in Formentera with Tiktoker. Martha Diaz.

This summer, we see this type of clothing in our favorite stores, because, in case you are wondering, this style, so typical of the sea, is called “Mermaid Core” and plays with textures in which fabrics are the protagonists. AND Bikini bottom Victoria Federica because in addition to being sexy, she is silver and has a curtain effect. But Maria Pedraza She wanted to go for a sportier look with black thongs and a sporty orange top that makes it clear that she’s been in the sun for hours because of the perfect tan the actress wears.

If you haven’t gone on vacation yet, you can copy Maria Pedraza bikini put in your vacation suitcase and become the queen of the beaches of Ibiza, Marbella or Cadiz.

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