Where is Gkay after cancellation? Learn all about the new phase!

gk He was certainly one of the most talked about personalities on the internet by the year 2022. However, with the arrival of 2023, the digital influencer’s life is turned upside down by a battle. Fabio Porchat And, since then, the business woman has had a low social media presence.

Now focusing on a more “clean” era, Gkay is venturing into the worlds of fashion and entrepreneurship, trying to stay away from controversy, and fox Highlights from our favorite Farofira’s life gathered during her “gap year.”

back to network

After taking some time away from social media, Gkay has decided to make his comeback on 10th January. She shared pictures from a year-end trip she took with friends and talked about the moment she was living in.

“Then I would like to tell you about some of the experiences I had in these places of recombination that everyone should have!”, he said.

gkay social network
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official pronunciation

10 days after his return, GK decided to publish a text about the chaotic events in his life “2023, finally ready, I’m here to talk about what I hope for this year: balance!” I expect balance in myself to understand, to evolve, to take action, to grow. During this period of solitude, where a whirlwind of circumstances and emotions engulfed my life, sadness was one of the feelings that most reflected in me and I used this whole moment to reflect on everything and how to start this new year. Done to do, where my focus is. actually experiencing an emotional and behavioral change”, she began.

“Most people here know that New Year’s Eve is a very delicate moment for me, due to the passing of my father on the same day, so it seems like every New Year’s Eve also represents a period of mourning for me.” But apart from that, it also represents a turning point, a pause to think about what I can improve, correct and continue”, he said.

GK further added, “I firmly believe that this was a ‘turning point’ in my life! Even today I believe that time helps us bring revelation, clarity and healing in many aspects of our lives, hence I want to use it in the best possible way to redefine many things.

Through this recent episode, I realized how much I need to focus on myself, so today, don’t give up on your therapy, physical activity, and friends.

“I want to thank the people who were with me during this time: my mother, my brother, my dear Jonathan, Igor, Hugo and Giselia, my therapists, Alvaro, Rangel, Flavio and all my friends who were with me, and Also to you who respect my time and support me accordingly”, reflected the comedian.

“This was the first year in my life when I decided not to set goals, I did not plan anything for the beginning of the year, because my goals were already set by him and those are the ones I would follow I want I love you and I already love 2023, which started with a painful but necessary storm, but I believe everything turned out well in the end!”, concluded GK .

no process

GK showed that he was indeed in search of a new lifestyle and soon pulled off some of his famous beauty procedures.

Initially, he removed two of his beauty procedures, one on the pimples and the other on the face. They broke up on February 1st, and she shared the ordeal on her Instagram:

“I missed it yesterday because I had another filler removed, this time in the malar area, which is the upper part of the cheekbone. This time, in perfect sync with my face”, he declared.

gkay removes beauty procedure
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conquer the fashion world

As already mentioned, Gkay’s main focus now is the fashion sector, and the businesswoman has already started off on the right foot! During Paris Haute Couture Week 2023, held from 23 to 26 January, she was ranked as one of the fourth most influential personalities.

Gkay was in second place Jisoo, Kylie Jenner it is Doja CatWhich successively occupies the first three top positions.

The survey was conducted by the renowned international agency carla ottoSpecializing in the study of fashion, beauty, design, lifestyle, arts and culture for the luxury market.

Gkay at Paris Haute Couture Week
GK at Paris Haute Couture Week – Publicity/Igor Mello

Fall in love

In March, rumors began to appear on the web that Gkay was dating, which would be confirmed in the future! News portals immediately got the identity of the new boyfriend of the actress: march tulio rodriguesand revealed that he already knew the comedian’s family.

On May 5, Gkay arrived with her boyfriend for dinner at a restaurant in the capital of São Paulo, embarrassed by the harassment of photographers.

Gkay with alleged new boyfriend
Leo Franco / AGNews

However, as time went on, the guy got used to the world of limelight and started appearing with his girlfriend at more events, such as her birthday. simone mendesIt is celebrated on 24 May.

Gkay with her boyfriend Marco Tullio
Gkay with her boyfriend Marco Tullio. Photo: Araujo/AGNews

perfume launch

The world of entrepreneurship, which Gkay already knew very well, was another side they decided to focus heavily on in 2023. On 31 May, she launched her perfume Gkay by Jequity in São Paulo.

He hosted famous friends like alvaro, Lucas Rangel, queen matos and made a rare appearance with his mother, maria das gracas,

“It feels like a dream. I am very happy to partner with Jquity and launch my fragrance. This is my face, dressed sensually. Definitely, it will be a great accessory for all looks ”, said the influential person.

Gake with his mother at a perfume launch
Gake with his mother at a perfume launch – Leo Franco/Agnews

trip to italy

Gkay’s year so far has been full of travel, especially to Europe. Recently, the millionaire went to rest on the Italian island of Capri.

She made followers relish in the heavenly views by sharing pictures, in which she is seen enjoying the goodness of the place.

neymar auction

Unwilling to attend several celebrity-filled events, Gkay decides to attend the institute’s third charity auction neymarat the Monte Libano Club in São Paulo on the night of 22 June.

Always keeping up with the latest fashion trends, the influencer posed on the red carpet and grabbed attention in her blue dress filled with cutouts.

Gkay in the auction for Neymar
van campos/agnews

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