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The actor has a surefire trick taught to him by director Jon Watts. Look what it is!

The actor has a surefire trick on how to control his dreams, taught by director Jon Watts. He disclosed this during his visit as the guest of el hormigueroBy Pablo Motos, during promotion for Uncharted: Off the Map in 2022.

Tom Holland is capable of being thrown 30 meters into the air, can perform impossible somersaults and, as we learned on his last guest visit el hormiguero, He is also able to control his dreams. Aren’t we facing a true superhero? The actor was presenting his then-new adventure film Uncharted, and in addition to revealing how he recorded some of the most complex action sequences of his career, he shared a curious trick for being able to know when you’re dreaming. are and what can be controlled. Happens.

very useful trick

Holland followed a technique recommended by Jon Watts, the director of the Spider-Man saga. According to him, to cheat the mind, it is necessary to strictly follow a trick. “Basically, you set an alarm for every hour of the day, and when the alarm goes off, you look at one dot, read it, look away, look back and read it again. You do this every hour of the day. For days on end. Basically, it’s to get your brain to start doing the same thing while you’re sleeping”, the actor explains, “because when you’re dreaming the brain Works so fast, when you read, you look to the other side and look again, it’s changed. Then you realize you’re sleeping and you can do whatever you want.”

We don’t know what the brain will be able to do with this technique, but it certainly makes you want to try it. This is not the only curiosity related to the dream they shared. It turns out that the current Peter Parker is sleepwalking. He makes sure that only happens when he’s really tired, but given the marathon days of filming he’s done from time to time, it’s rare that he’s completely rested. Fortunately, the mission of your “sleeping self” is to help you relax.

The actor says, “This usually happens to me at the end of the shoot, when I’m tired. What usually happens is I get up and fill the tub, but then don’t go in.”

When the alarm goes off in the morning, I go to the bathroom and see that the bathtub is full of hot water. So apparently at some point I got up, filled the tub and then went back to bed, but I was completely asleep. I do not remember anything.

The scenes he had to shoot for Uncharted make us wonder if he still has the strength to get out of bed in the middle of the night. To bring the young bounty hunter Nathan Drake to life, he had to be hit by a car 17 times, jump from one box to another, fly 30 meters high… This went on for hours and days and days.

“One of the things I had to learn was basically falling on my face. Almost every action scene ended with me hitting a box, falling out of a box, going through a box, hitting a car, falling out of a The plane ends…”, Holland laughs, adding, “When I was reading the script, I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is going to be a nightmare.’ But the truth is, it’s wonderful and I’ve really enjoyed it.

Lots of action for those who watch, but also for those who do

Accustomed to doing these types of scenes and (at the time) 25 years old, Tom Holland was in very good physical condition, but he still found this type of recording a challenge. He was fine right after shooting the action sequence, but things changed the next day. “At that moment nothing happens, the problem comes the next morning. You jump out of the plane, you fall on the ground… At first everything goes fine and then, the next morning, you can’t get up and you have to get up. ” Go to the shoot to rehash everything”, the actor admitted.

We can see Tom Holland crashing into boxes and cars in Uncharted, an action movie available hbo max, based on the video game from naughty DogThe film focuses on a young Nathan Drake who is about to embark on his first adventure with his future mentor, Sully. The two embark on a journey to find the greatest treasure they have ever seen. Plus, various clues will lead them to the protagonist’s lost brother.

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