LoL: Riot Games Plans Massive Jungle Changes

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The jungle situation is considered by many players and experts as the most important position in League of Legendssince the player in this role can dictate the pace of the game and give resources to his teammates when they need them.

The strength of this role is at times disappointing, as the forester the ability to influence the entire map before players in other positions have the opportunity to transfer the map to their territory. Riot Games decided to try and change that by tweaking game mechanics that haven’t been touched in years.*

*The changes shown here are currently on the PBE, but that doesn’t mean we’ll see the whole thing on the live server. Most likely there will be some tweaks before the patch.

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The two most important jungle buffs will be changed.

Although their appearance changed with the seasons, the functions red and blue buff they were the same for a long time: blue was supposed to help the jungler survive and clear early camps, while red was more for ganking and regenerating health.

This distinction faded with the change of seasons, especially when red began to revive life. It seemed like a balance had been struck and these buffs hadn’t changed in several seasons, at least until yesterday’s announcement.

Effect of bonuses now will vary depending on the level of the jungler. In the case of the red buff, this means that its slow will be reduced in the first few minutes, making some junglers less powerful in the early game. At the same time, the impact of the blue buff will also be adapted. Its value will be lower in the early game, but it will become much more interesting in the mid and late game, so blue will have a big impact over time.

While it is difficult to assess the real impact of these changes, it can drastically change the goal. With less powerful early ganks and slower clear speedsEspecially for champions who have to spam their spells, it’s not impossible for some picks to become bad while potential new picks show up.

These changes may extend to other lanes as less oppressive junglers will make it easier to pick up certain champions who need to scale more (we’re talking about soloQ since some late game champions are already in competitive play). scene).

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