Kate Middleton, muscular like Letizia, in a bikini

Kate Middleton defies Queen Letizia with her muscular bikini body. The Princess of Wales left everyone speechless with her toned silhouette, directly rivaling Felipe VI’s wife’s enviable physique as if it were a fitness battle royale. During the summer season, Prince William’s wife often shows off stunning toned arms in short-sleeved dresses. But that is not all! Kate Middleton decided to flaunt her impressive figure and did not hesitate to wear a skimpy black bikini to enjoy the good weather. Photos leaked to the media showed the toned muscles and slender appearance of Prince William’s wife. Who would have thought that steel muscles are hidden behind this graceful appearance!

A certain figure of Kate Middleton, the secret weapon of the Princess of Wales

Since Kate Middleton began an affair with the heir to the British throne, back in the early 2000s, The Princess of Wales has been recognized for her toned arms and strong legs.. Like Laetitia, she managed to conquer the media headlines both in her country and abroad. It looks like Kate has decided to follow in the footsteps of the Spanish queen and show that she, too, can be a fitness muse in the royal family.

William and Kate Middleton

Fitness experts quickly revealed the secret of Kate Middleton’s statuesque body. According to Qure Fitness Lab trainer Roberto Martin, genetics, an impeccable diet, exercise and a good dose of rest may be key to her enviable figure. The daughter-in-law of King Carlos III seems to lead a very discreet life and weigh every detail of her diet as she leaves nothing to chance when it comes to her figure.

Secrets of the muscular figure of Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton follows a diet rich in quality protein and vegetables. which allows you to maintain a low level of fat and build muscle. But his secret goes beyond food. Middleton plunged into a rigorous training regimen.

This is reported by the British newspaper Daily Mail. The future queen consort of England is undergoing intense strength training and CrossFit to maintain her physique, especially after three pregnancies. His upper limbs are an object of admiration and care as he focuses on specific arm exercises, including barbell exercises to tone his biceps and triceps. But that’s not all, Kate also includes cardio and can’t resist the benefits of plank, which helps shape her muscles. It’s undeniable that Letizia has long been the queen of royal fitness, but now she has a heavyweight contender in Kate Middleton. Prince William’s wife has shown that she is ready to take the throne of the muscular body and challenge the Asturian on his own territory.

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