Barbie opens her Malibu home to host on Airbnb – but Brazilians are ‘uninvited’

The countdown to the premiere has begun barbie The theaters have already opened: One of Warner Bros.’ main bets for this year, the live-action action thriller starring Margot Robbie, will hit the big screen on July 20.

In celebration of the production that has been blowing up the internet in recent months”barbicore”, Airbnb will allow doll fans to live in their very own Barbie dream home.

At this time, only two individual night reservations are available for Barbie’s Dreamhouse in Malibu. And the host is… well, Ken, played by Ryan Gosling.

To guarantee accommodation, the rule applies to those who can book in advance. In regards to price, the stay will be free because, according to the forum, “Kane was unable to put a price on Dreamhouse”.

How to book Barbie House?

Casa da Barbie can be reserved from 2pm on July 17th – but anyone living in Brazil is not invited.

That’s because according to Airbnb, residents of Brazil will not be eligible to spend the night in the dollhouse. It is unclear whether residents of other countries are also excluded.

As such, requirements to make a reservation include not living in Brazil, being at least 13 years old, and having an active profile on Airbnb, as well as other platform rules such as background checks.

In addition to Brazilians, guests’ pets will also not be accepted at the oceanfront mansion.

Other fans will be able to reserve Kane’s room on July 21 and 22 for two separate one-night stays, each for a maximum of two guests.

What is included in the Dreamhouse?

As Miley Cyrus would say, the sky is blue in malibu – and in Casa da Barbie guests of Cane will have a privileged view of the beachside surroundings.

A night’s stay at the Dreamhouse includes a single room with air conditioning, panoramic views and Wi-Fi, as well as access to common areas such as the pool and space and barbecues.

One of the things not included in the accommodation is a toilet: you will not be allowed to flush anything except paper.

In addition, it is noted that transportation to and from Malibu will be at the guest’s expense.

After arriving and checking in, the concierge will introduce guests to the venue and arrange meals – these are included in the reservation.

According to Airbnb, guests will have the opportunity to check out Ken’s wardrobe, unleash their inner cowboy by dancing on the outdoor disco floor, and challenge your accompanying guest to “who’s beach royalty.”

Furthermore, with a pair of yellow and pink skates and a surfboard, it would be possible to “take home a piece of Kane’s empire”.

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