Anita’s questionable performance at the show in Italy and audience reactions. Famous

Anita His presentation at the closing of the fashion show for the brand caused controversy on social networks. dolce and gabbana, which took place in Italy. world popstar, who recently completed a millionaire deal with the record label republic recordsresponsible for big names like Taylor Swift it is Ariana GrandeTold what to talk about while singing your hit song To involve In the event.

This is because, in addition to being criticized for the look chosen for the presentation, the funk artist is also being criticized for Honorio Gurgel He also failed to please the public with his singing. Many Internet users, including fans, complained about the quality of the microphone used by the singer, which constantly muffled the artist’s voice, and also criticized the excessive use of bass (playback), which, at times, Stole Anita’s live voice lead,

“Horrible tone, super intense tone and she’s still making a face like she’ll come over at any moment. Get ready, because there will be too much controversy for her testimony to lastBecause talent has been around for a long time”, commented an internet user who saw the video of the singer performing at the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show.

“Serving up awesomeness as always. I don’t know why she sings with the mic almost in her mouth. You can’t understand everything she says and the demeanor there, which makes it seem like she’s counting down the minutes to go home. looks like it’s there, thanks, I don’t get it”, criticized another Internet user, angry with Popstar.

Anita reveals she won’t leave legacy to family: ‘Let them work’

After spending a wonderful holiday in Europe with other famous artists, Anita Recently she shared with her fans that she is returning to the intense and chaotic routine of being a global pop star. interpreter of heart candyShe even regretted that she was not born as an heir.

“I knew I had to work. I am going. Wanted to go back on vacation? I wanted! But I have to work, I have to release a song. And work, you know, to fill the piggy bank, because I emptied it on vacation, now I have to fill it again. I was not born as an heir. It is boring for those who are not born, because we have to work and earn our money”, began the interpreter of the show Das Poderosas.

Backwards, Anita He joked about the possibility of not leaving a legacy when he is gone for betterment one day. According to the pop star, family and relatives will have to work to find out the reality of those who wake up early to run after their bread. “The reality is that all of us who were born with very little (desire) is that we were born with a lot, because we would not get up early, we would just do what we wanted”, he continued. . ,

“When people inherit… I won’t even let anyone become the heir, I’ll spend it, blow it all away. I would say: ‘Let them work’Because I had to work. Just because of anger, to be able to know what is the reality of life for those who wake up and have to run for their bread”, said Anita as she headed for another day of work.

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