The horror film from the classic franchise on Netflix will make you nostalgic for Wandinha

Netflix’s horror film touted to be one of the hits of 2022 is the perfect choice to bring family and friends together

In the winter season, there is nothing better than sitting down to watch a good movie, especially after the release of “wandinha”, which was the spirit of Netflix For the horror fans. And this week, luckily, we have an amazing nomination for you that will keep you glued to your screens for the entire duration!

Below, you can find out about the film and all its details!

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Starring Wandinha, “Panico” Is The Horror Feature You Need To Know Is Streaming On Netflix

to kill the craving wandinha And goes to its lead star, Jenna Ortega, our recommended newcomer of the week.nervousness”, which entered the catalog Netflix recently. Launched in 2022, it is the fifth title in the franchise to run for 1 hour and 55 minutes, apart from the indicative rating of 16 years.

The film takes place 25 years after a series of brutal murders rocked the town of Woodsboro. A new killer wearing the iconic Ghostface mask begins stalking a group of teens, uncovering secrets from the town’s deadly past.

Below, you can watch the official trailer for “”.nervousness,

He “nervousness“A beloved among fans of the franchise, and was produced with great respect and admiration by the former director and director responsible for the saga, Wes Craven. Craven, the producer of the first four films, died in 2015 after suffering from brain cancer. .

How does this Netflix movie fare on Rotten Tomatoes?

For those who are interested to know “Note”nervousness” But rotten TomatoesNot to worry, as the film is a critical hit, and holds an average rating of 76% from critics based on 295 reviews. Among the public, it averages even higher, and holds an 81% audience approval based on 2,500 ratings.

The consensus states: “The franchise is trying harder than ever to maintain its meta essence in the fifth ‘Scream’ — and surprisingly often succeeding,

Who Is In The Cast Of “Scream”?

in the list ofnervousnessThe film, of course, is headed by Neve Campbell, who once again returns in the role of Sidney Prescott. Here, she works side by side with Courteney Cox (“Friends”), David Arquette, Melissa Barrera (“In a New York Neighborhood”), Jack Quaid (“The Boys”), Mickey Madison,… Jenna Ortega (“Wandinha”), Dylan Minnette (“13 Reasons Why”), Jasmine Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding.

Apart from them, Sonia Ammar, Markle Shelton, skeet ulrich (“Riverdale”), Kyle Gallner, Chester Tamm, Reggie Conquest, Heather Matarazzo and roger l jackson Complete the list.

Who is behind this Netflix film?

Back “nervousness”, a script of the film has been signed James Vanderbilt it is guy busikwho worked togetherbloody marriage(2019), a critically acclaimed horror film. He takes charge of the franchise after Kevin Williamson, the creator of the saga and screenwriter of “Scream 4” (2011).

He now has a Netflix film to direct Matt Bettinelli-Olpin , Tyler Gillette, best known for his work in “Bloody Wedding” (2019). The pair, along with Vanderbilt and Busick, returned for that film’s sequel, “Scream 6,” earlier this year.

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Where can I watch this horror movie?

,nervousness”, As already mentioned, is available to watch on Netflix, but that is not the only place you can find it. If you do not have a subscription to the platform, it is available to rent for BRL 6.90 through Prime Video, BRL 11.90 for Apple TV, BRL 14.90 for YouTube and BRL 14.90 through Google Play Filmes e TV .

Is “Scream” Worth Watching on Netflix?

,nervousnessIt was praised for its ability to pay homage to the original film while adding new and exciting elements to the franchise, with some viewers calling it the best sequel since the original. So, at the end of the day, if you like slasher horror movies and you’re a fan of the “Scream” franchise, chances are you’ll enjoy watching this production.

,nervousnessavailable on Netflix,

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