Pokémon GO: Poliwag is the main character of Community Day in July 2023.

There is already a date for Pokémon GO Community Day in July 2023. Get ready to catch a lot of polywags.

Niantic gave all information about Community Day, July 2023. This month in Pokémon GO we will see the main character Polivag, cute water creature of the first generation. Do you want to see what awaits you? Here we will tell you everything.

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When is Polywag’s Community Day in July in Pokémon GO?

Community Day in July 2023 will be celebrated Sunday 30 from 14:00 local time. The event will end on the same day at 17:00 local time.

As we have already said, the main character this time is Polivag. If you manage to turn him into a Polygate during the event or within 5 hours of the end of the event, you can teach him a fast attack counter.

Here are the characteristics of the fast attack Counterattack:

  • Trainer fights: 8 power
  • gyms and raids: 12 strength

Similarly, if you evolve a Politoed with a Pride Stone during or within 5 hours of the event, you will receive a charged Ice Beam attack for Politoed.

Ice Beam Features:

  • Trainer fights: 90 damage
  • gyms and raids: 90 damage

event bonuses

Coaches who want to play the Community Day Special Exploration, Slippery Whirlpools, will need to spend $1. This purchase is non-refundable.

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In 4 star raids we will see Poliwhirl. Players who complete these raids will be able to see more Polivag in the gym where the raid took place within 30 minutes. If they’re lucky, they might stumble upon a shiny one.

If you don’t want to spend Community Day on your own, we recommend using the Community Day Map, an official tool to help you find coaches in your area. You can use the map from the following link.

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