Nobody Stops the Giants in League of Legends

Nobody Stops the Giants in League of LegendsOpinion

giantsesports club from Malaga, became Dream Hack Valencia with all your goals and dreams. The League of Legends (Lol) team won two Super League matches with outstanding results against direct rivals such as Rebels and KOI. Two performances to remember in front of a dedicated audience that once again responded to an in-person event. With these results, the Giants are in third place with 9-5 in the rankings and links it qualifying for the playoffs one of the most important video game competitions in Spain.

The Giants are experiencing the most positive series of the season. those of Andre Guillotto They have won five times in a row and all second round commitments count as wins. A nice moment that makes them one of the strongest teams in the competition. Aside from the results, another great piece of news for the Giants to celebrate is that they have advanced further in their game. The quintet they form Th3Antonio, Xerxes, Decay, Attila and Whitenn It has evolved as a block, has become more durable and reliable, overcomes obstacles with greater ease, and has greatly improved the decision-making process and game solving. This is how he looked before Rebels and KOI.

The first game the Giants played at DreamHack was against rebelsa club that is led by an international football goalkeeper David De Gea, which was a direct rival for places in the playoffs. A game that the Costa del Sol team decided with authority, understanding the game very well and being very aggressive in search of a snowball. The main character was decaythe author of two “quadrakils” and was chosen as MVP thanks to Impressive Leblanc.

In view of koiteam that presides Ibay Llanos and Gerard PiqueThe giants went into ecstasy and knocked down the tents again. Brad was provoked by the performance Th3Antonio, whose Poppy Lollipop wreaked havoc in the opposing team and was the key to victory. It was a very detailed game that ran for about 40 minutes, with many ups and downs and emotions at stake. Gilhoto asserted his massive approach and the giants became strong enough to break the enemy bond again.

With the virtual playoff qualifiers very close, the Giants now have four days to complete the regular season. Contenders next week riders (Tuesday, 21:00) and Barcelona (Thursday, 22:00). In the first round, the Malacitanos lost to Ryders and beat the Catalans. bison, the leader, in two victories, with a score of 11-3. It should be remembered that the current format of the Super League is highly rewarding for finishing first and second, as this allows the classified teams to advance on the winning side and only one win to the final.

Giants booth at DreamHack, complete success

crowd of fans They supported the Malaga team at DreamHack Valencia both in two Super League games and on the podium. At DreamHack where the Giants had a special stand in their hands Burger Kingglobal partner of the club, once again the organization and its members noted the warmth of their followers, who they filled the stands for LoL matches as well as the exhibitor prepared for this occasion for three days, while the event lasted.

This weekend brings together a new edition of DreamHack Valencia, one of the hottest video game and digital entertainment festivals in Europe. over 65,000 people who have participated in various events and more than 20 video game competitions. Giants are closing with unsurpassed taste in the mouth thanks to the response of the public with its position and the results obtained in the League of Legends Super League.

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