Why we crave once-maligned bikini brands today

Swimwear with marked holes and makeup videos to simulate the effect traces of the sun some of signs that this unexpected trend is as real as the existence of ultraviolet rays.

Like so many other things that come through today, the reason they go along with fashion V tan marks It seems to be a reaction to that stage of confinement that continues to revolutionize trends, how we live and how we relate to each other. We love being away from home so much that this season bikini Kyiv, those from whom we once fled are so desirable that even swimwear It has been specifically designed to leave a mark. In fact, they are so famous that tik tak full video where users care mimic the effect with makeup. In the comments, while many shrug their hands in the face of an unexpected turn of events, there are those who remember that in places like Brazil, the most sexual is show off exactly these brands How irrefutable proof of the handmade brown. As long as you sign like an Aussie Christopher Eber they had to withdraw their summer campaigns showing off his models with striking markings, which his detractors said was an ode to the abuse of sun exposure, makeup universe has found a formula that allows you to mimic the effect without even going out into the sun.

Escapist and liberation signs

Considering that not so long ago draw freckles on the skin it looked crazy and now it applies to the finish refreshing and youth makeup, It’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to bronzing powders and blushes to recreate tan lines. “Wearing these brands reminded me of my youth and growing up in the 2000s when celebrities loved Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz And Jessica Biel showcased their bikini brands on the red carpet,” says Erin Dugan Yurchak, who on her TikTok profile teaches her followers how to recreate the low-cut bikini effect. halter they would be on their skin. Thus, we understand that this trend is not just another trace of the 2000 fashion, but also a way to embrace the freedom that once existed without having to hide the traces of the sun, something that, when it ended, prompted fashion and beauty magazines to write countless articles full of tricks with which to disguise brands.

Swimwear is no longer just for sunbathing

But how did it happen? trend even change the way we shop swimwear? “I must confess that tan marksI have always found them attractive. Therefore, we can say that I am very supportive of bikini brands and in fact I believe that swimwear is no longer just for sunbathing because minimalism has been left behind. became cloth summer, which leads us to search universal design which serve as a spectacular swimsuit as well as a great body if you add a skirt. This is the philosophy that I have followed in my firm over the past years. I was one of the first to use lurex for swimwear and I remember seven years ago Italian suppliers asked me what I needed this fabric for and looked at me strangely when they found out it was for bikinis.” she explains. Gabriela Ortiz, from Bostar.

Ortiz adds that this year is trikini which leaves marks (in fact, more than from any other bathing suit), one that worked better and sold out in all sizes. “It’s true that I was a little afraid to launch it, but people liked it. I believe that no one refuses to buy a model anymore because they think it leaves marks, which is great. we finally have normalizes to be brown and have marks because right now it’s more about being beautiful and elegant on the beach,” he says.

From my side, Patricia Berskens, Design Director hunkemeller, also emphasizes the fact that the fans of the firm tend to eye-catching design, and that is why they often resort to looks that leave a mark on the silhouettes they offer. “In times of uncertainty that we are facing, designers are experimenting with more extreme shapes with creative designs. People love to be surprised and need emotion. new silhouettes and the holes create a surreal and futuristic look, pure evasion. They are looking for things that inspire and grab attention and can also be worn as streetwear,” agrees Berskens.

Brands that are status symbols

As well as in winter V ski goggle brands work like status symbol,tan marks they do the same, making it clear that whoever has them has had enough time to tan in the sun. Back in 2017, there were already those who said that the sun footprints left by AirPods had become the new status symbol. Apparently, wealth and privileges must leave their mark…

swimwear brands They help us as escapist weapons and work to remember moments of pleasure and relaxation predominately those that in many cases are filmed on the beach or in the pool, and even if not video tiktokers Showing how to imitate them with make-up or swimwear designs meant to leave a mark seems proof enough to us that brands are on trend, all you need to know is the name of the latest sneaker. Nike Air Max 1. Yup: “So Lines”. That is, traces of sunburn. Every time we want to be less labeled and run from the branches, but in the irony of the scenario of those teeming with the beauty and fashion industry, what we are now looking for is to be marked. By the sun, okay, but marked after all.


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