Travis Scott and Jordin Brand team up in a raffle to take fans to Egypt

Travis Scott and Jordan will draw 23 people who can bring a date.

After waiting a long time, travis scott She is finally in the final stages of releasing her new studio album, “Utopia”, which will be released during a live performance in front of the pyramids in Egypt. And in honor of the occasion, La Flamme is teaming up with Jordan Brand to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience to 23 lucky people.

The sweepstakes, titled “Road to Utopia,” is open exclusively to US residents 18 and older with a regular Nike account. 23 lucky winners will get a chance to experience an unforgettable journey with a friend of their choice.

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The winners will receive two airline tickets, two nights’ stay in a luxury hotel and two tickets to the event. They will get the opportunity to be at the forefront of the action and enjoy an all-expenses paid stay. Your chance to be a part of this special moment can be found at The sweepstakes is already underway and will close on July 11th at 8am PT.

Travis Scott fans are thrilled to see this historic release. Adding to the excitement of the event is the partnership with Jordan Brand, known for its legacy in the world of basketball. The rapper known for his unique style and creative vision has established a strong association with the world of fashion and exclusive product launches, which makes this collaboration even more exciting.

In addition to providing a unique experience for those involved, the Pyramids in Egypt event promises to be a milestone in Travis Scott’s career. With lavish sets and high-quality production, the artist seeks to create an immersive environment that matches the concept of “utopia”. The album is highly anticipated by fans and promises to bring an innovative approach and soulful sound that the rapper is known for.

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