Tom Holland criticizes press for coverage of his break on social media

During the On Purpose with Jay Shetty podcast, actor Tom Holland criticized the press for the coverage he received when he announced he was taking a break from the social network.

“I was having a hard time working because of how exhausting it was, not to mention the emotional capacity I needed to reach every day. I decided to delete my Instagram because I was getting used to a fake version of my life that was taking over.

“It was becoming a problem. I was going crazy. Obsessed to know what people are saying.

“I decided to make an announcement, which unfortunately we had to make. I tried to take a stand saying, ‘I am taking time off social media because I feel it will be good for my mental health.’ I was disappointed that the press reported this in a way that made it seem like I had a mental breakdown. And even if I was having a mental breakdown, it’s not something to report.”

He said, “They took history in the wrong direction. Negative light on mental health. Instead of saying, ‘It’s okay that he’s doing this, everyone should feel good doing that,’ they were saying, ‘Look, he’s not the perfect kid that they think he is. He is suffering from a nervous breakdown in New York.

“I think it was a really unfair approach to journalism.”

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