Que horas y tego tego: The Jennifer Lawrence movie that will ‘insult everyone’

Jennifer Lawrence is back in another film that promises to be a hit in theaters. Speciality what time shall i pick you up Arrived Brazil on 22nd June And has caught the attention of the audience on social media. Don’t know what this is about and want to stay inside? So keep reading to know more about it what time shall i pick you up

starring k star hunger gamesThe film is based on Maddy, a broken woman who is on the verge of losing her childhood home. In a moment of desperation, she decides to apply for an unusual job.

In a job posting, the parents of an introverted boy seek a girlfriend for their son. The goal is to help youth gain experience before heading off to college. However, what seems like a simple job at first turns out to be a lot of work for Maddie. watch Trailer:

described as A comedy of acidic humor and with a high amount of sexual content, the film promises irreverent jokes. Lawrence said, “I think it’s time for a good old-fashioned laugh, and it’s really hard to do a comedy where you don’t offend people. Everyone, in some way, will be offended by this movie.” “

However, she states that there are no cruel jokes in the film. “One thing we’ve learned from sitcoms of old is that comedy’s not really funny, like making someone feel bad about themselves. But the way we did it is okay, we figured it out.”

In addition to Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role, the feature’s cast includes Andrew Barth Feldman (High School Musical: The Musical: The Series), Matthew Broderick (adoidado enjoying life), Laura Benanti (super girl) and Natalie Morales.

what time shall i pick you upwhat time shall i pick you up Promises good laughs with plenty of humor (Photo: Sony Pictures)

Is the plot based on a true story?

in an interview with Entertainment Weeklydirector Gene Stupnitsky and screenwriter John Phillips say so The premise of the film was based on an unusual advertisement from a website: Just like in the movie, a teen’s parents were looking for a girl who would help their clumsy son gain more experience before leaving home.

“I read the ad and thought, ‘This is crazy!’ Who is that woman to react to such an advertisement?’ And then I thought, ‘I think this would be a great role for my friend Jennifer Lawrence,'” Stupnitsky said.

After this both showed the advertisement to the actress. “Gene read the ad to me, and I laughed out loud. I thought it was all funny, but we didn’t have a script or anything at the time. I just thought he had a funny idea. Then, years later, he handed me the funniest script I’d ever read in my life.” ew,

what time shall i pick you up is already showing in Brazilian cinemas.

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