The insidious red door opens. Indy 5 seeks nearly $250 million, racially sparks

update to latest, A busy weekend at the international box office with a strong and scary new entry, an unexpected splurge at the box office and a milestone for the long-running franchise.

Frame It Out of the Gate, Sony/Screen Gems/Stage 6 Films/Blumhouse Supernatural: The Red Door He made the biggest overseas horror debut since 2019. $31.4 million from 52 markets; It is also best for franchises in similar markets. including local and global arcs $64 million,

Offshore, directed by Patrick Wilson and starring the fifth in the series, which is a direct sequel to the first two films, is up 27% Supernatural: The Last Key at current exchange rates and more than the latest installments of the horror franchise evil dead rise (+58%) F the sixth scream (+30%).

prone to horror Mexico Play grossed $5.8 million, Sony’s biggest horror opening in the region, Terrible also set a record filipino With $3.7 million, it was the highest-grossing horror opening weekend of all time and the biggest opening weekend of last year. hey UK it was $2.8 million more then France $1.9 million and India with $1.5 million (the latter being the widest release ever for a horror film and Sony’s best opening for a horror title in the market).

Indonesia, Korea and Spain have not yet launched this month.

Let’s turn to the remnants. Disney/Lucasfilm Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate In your second session, the needle moves $248 million Whole world. After the film opened to a slower than expected opening last weekend, its overseas collections dropped by 49%, further denting it. $31.8 million This tire out of 52 markets. Total International Box Office Now $126.7 million,

indy 5 It was number one in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Australia and Japan (note Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 Previews are ongoing in some of them, although the main figures are yet to come.) The largest share was in Argentina (-33%), Australia (-35%), Japan (-38%), France (-40%). , Spain (-40%), the United Kingdom (-41%), Brazil (-42%) and Mexico (-49%).

The top 5 markets for IndyCar ever UK ($16.8 million), France ($11.4 million), Japan ($9.5 million), Australia ($7.5 million) and Germany ($7.4 million).

Good news for Disney (and Pixar), Casteism It shows a vivid improvement on the outside. The current picture was good for $30 million in 48 markets, down 21%. Several key markets saw modest growth, including Australia (+32%), Korea (+14%) and Brazil (+3%), as well as Uruguay (+127%), New Zealand (+119%) and Vietnam . +41%), Chile (+40%) and Israel (+13%). korea 4or The opening weekend was the highest-grossing weekend since the film’s release; The film seems to have made up its mind there.

top ever Korea ($25.8 million), China ($15.4 million), Mexico ($13.5 million), France ($9 million) and Australia ($8 million).

Spain and Japan are still in the future, the international market is now $142.7 million (Which ultimately can be very high) Overall $252 million,

Elsewhere, Sony Animation Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse caught in extra trap $9.2 million Out of 63 markets in this session, with the current total hovering $284.6 million abroad and $642.2 million All over the world.

top five so far China ($49.6 million), UK ($35 million), Mexico ($27.8 million), Australia ($20.6 million) and France ($13.4 million).

of great quality Transformers: Rise of the Monsters turned forward $7.6 million in 65 markets at the end of its fifth week, with total overseas sales now $261 million And $408 million Whole world. China It reached $89.5 million. Japan still has to go, August 4th.

In a new milestone, Universal’s x is fast It grossed over $700 million at the global box office and exceeded its overseas lifespan. fast and furious 9, International Weekend Added $1.8 million out of 84 markets $557 million Com abroad yet. Around the world, the Toretto family has grown 703 million dollars in the tank.

Barring China, overseas performance is better than both F9 And hobbs and shaw at the same point. The top market is China with $139.5 million, followed by Mexico ($37.7 million), Brazil ($26.9 million), Japan ($26.8 million) and France ($21.8 million).


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