the health benefits they also have

Plants are praised for bringing a touch of nature to a space.. Having them at home not only adds style to the decoration, but also has many properties and benefits for our health, some of which are unknown and unexpected.

There are many plants that are good for breathing, others that help minimize stress, or those used to protect against bad energy are some of the benefits of incorporating them into our spaces.

Purifies the air and improves breathing. Plant leaves absorb dust particles and harmful gases, which greatly improves the air quality in your home. While it’s not recommended to have plants in a room, the truth is that they only absorb 0.1% of oxygen, in addition to being perfect for cleaning up bad odors in both the kitchen and bathroom pipes.

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Several types of plants are recommended by these faculties, including ivy, amphiphylla, areca, philodendron and ribbons, among others, adds a note from the Club de vida portal.

Against digestive problems. Plants are allies in the treatment of digestive and stomach ailments, especially chamomile, star anise or sage species. Abdominal pain or common premenstrual discomfort can be alleviated with this natural remedy, which has anti-inflammatory, relaxing properties, or helps with indigestion.

to improve the skin

Nature is an ally of health. Many of the most effective medicines and treatments are derived from herbal extracts, which have many benefits for the skin. Aloe vera, for example, is known for its healing and moisturizing properties, along with mallow and centella asiatica, it is one of the most recommended species for insect bites.

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