Taylor Swift invites ex-boyfriend to star in clip; watch video

In the wake of the release of a re-recording of Taylor Swift’s 2010 album, which won a new edition this Friday, the 7th, the American singer invited one of her famous ex-boyfriends, Taylor Lautner, to participate. A new clip and a little performance at a show in Kansas City this Friday night.

The star of the film saga “Twilight” took part in the video for the new song “I Can See You”. At the time of “Speak Now”‘s release more than a decade ago, fans connected the dots and concluded that the song “Back to December,” which has now been re-released, signaled the end of the relationship between Swift and Lautner. talks.

The singer, who also invited Joey King and Presley Cash for the video and on stage, said during a US show that Lautner was a “positive force” in her life while she was making the album. He said, “He and his wife (Taylor Dom) became very close friends.”

The actor replied to the praise saying that he has great respect for the artiste. “You are not just a singer, songwriter and artist but also a human being. You are gracious, humble, sweet and I am honored to meet you.”

Swift is performing worldwide with shows on the “Eras Tour”, a tour that spans through all phases of her career. The singer will perform in Brazil in November. (Folhapres)

The clip can be seen below:


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