DreamHack 2023 is the epicenter of video games in Valencia: indie, cosplay, LoL Super League…

Before you start yesterday DreamHack 2023 will again take place in Valencia he hung up a “No Tickets” sign. The desire to visit the new version of one of the most popular video game fairs in Spain was very strong, the participants could enjoy all kinds of activities: game tournaments (e-sports), cosplay, music concerts

No lack of presence popular streamers like Gemita, Perxitaa, Werlyb and Merysoldier, among others. Of course, the most rigorous video game lovers can also touch their history through exhibitions such as Museum of ancient arcades, in which we can even participate tetris tournaments and get prizes.

Elesky music brings the evening to life

Video game fair in Spain without popular eleski music something weird was done, so DreamHack 2023 in Valencia couldn’t miss one of his performances. On his Twitch channel, you can watch videos and enjoy the tunes he played on his inseparable piano. He left us known fragments The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball and even “To Zanarkand” from Final Fantasy X.

Indie DreamHack 2023

What would a video game fair be without the opportunity to test games that haven’t been released yet? DreamHack Indie Zone 2023 It was a space in which various studios showed their projects, as in the case of the promising Aimtropolisarcade shooter for virtual reality and Teared, 2D platform adventureamong others.

DreamHack 2023 has more events planned for this day, such as expected duels between teams League of Legends Super League. Several matches are planned: Movistar Riders vs. Rebels Gaming, Fnatic TQ vs. Los Heretics… On the official channel, you can check all the games and watch them live.

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