Behind, Brenda Zambrano imposes fashion in a pink bikini and shows off her tattoos.

It’s a fact that summer is already here and this season we are all imagining how to spend a day at the beach enjoying good vacationand despite the heat it’s not impossible to take your best outfit so much to be inside the sea enough to enjoy the sand on a sun lounger, so more and more influencers are taking out their look better break the net with your beauty.

One such influencer is Brenda Zambranowhich showed that in the coming months it is necessary to wear pink bikini that draws attention and contrasts with the design more discreet swimwear, like black, which is used by those who look elegant. For a former member”Acapulco Shore“, it is important to add individual approach and stand out with dazzling and unique clothing.

She completed her look with a bucket, perfect for this hot season.
Photo: Instagram/@brendazambranoc

Brenda Zambrano knows how to look amazing this summer

Through his official account instagram, influencers shared a small photo shoot from the balcony and although his subscribers they praised her beautywhat attracted him the most beach look with a cult hot pink split bikinishowing all three tattoos from the back.

According to the celebrity, the key to wearing this shade is choosing bold style where color can accentuate your figure since this tonality can also convey feeling of joy and cheerfulness, which fits perfectly into the cheerful and festive atmosphere of the beach. Also, being a versatile color, pink can be found in different shades and nuances, allowing it to be adapted to different styles and personal preferences.

Pink tones are perfect for a day at the beach.
Photo: Instagram/@brendazambranoc

Additional tip to wear with pool style and stand out as the most prominent of summer is include jewelry to your outfit, such as earrings, bracelets and rings. Also, to highlight your hands, you can show spectacular manicure with bright colors like the popular pearl effect which is now trendor classic and timeless Red color. So you will add touch of elegance and sophistication to your beach look.

and if you have tattoos remember, that UV rays may disappear and damage the color of your tattoo, so apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (FPS) on your tattoo before expose yourself to the sun and be sure to reapply every two hours and after bathing or toweling.


From the pool, Brenda Zambrano dazzles with the perfect black bikini for this vacation.

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