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Our hair is part of our history and says a lot about us, doesn’t it? For example, when we grow up or go through a change, there is probably a desire in our appearance to reflect what we are feeling. with whom Curly hair Learn how it can help you understand yourself and feel beautiful in a process of self-knowledge; Therefore, How about betting on a different cut?

There are tons of options that make hair lighter, trendy and flatter your waves even more! Here are some haircut ideas for curly hair. in medium size, a length that has become a huge trend in today’s beauty market. Come check it out!

23 Medium Length Curly Hair Cutting Ideas

layered cut

curly hair responds well layered cut, You will definitely feel lighter and more mobile! And that still helps when defining curls, understand? Also called a gradient, it’s great for those who want to distribute volume throughout their hair. And there are other subcategories within the layered cut – we can go from more traditional to short and well-defined layers. shaggy hairWhich has an old glimpse of the 1970s.

with bangs

How about betting? fringe, This cut is fashionista and with a retro touch, leaving the result with even more harmony and personality! If this was any sign from the universe you’ve been waiting for… this is your moment! Take advantage of the winter weather that facilitates fringe care.

inspiration from celebrities

Still not convinced? We separate pictures of some famous people, like mess, Zendaya it is Bruna VieiraAnd finally, we remind you of one important tip, which is: Know Your Hair! Curly hair has different curvatures, or rather, different types of curls. some look more like hair wavyothers close to curly, Knowing your threads helps you with transitions and, When you visit the salon, simply speak to the professional and state your wish!

Which curly hair inspired you to make the change?

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