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Whoever thought that the publication of Vinicius Jr., a player of the Brazilian football team, with a photo next to Beyoncé’s husband rapper Jay-Z, was just a post from a fan who found his idol, was wrong.

Jay-Z’s company, rock nationAn American music label and producer, has now expanded its business and recently announced its latest achievement rock nation sports brazil, The official page recently published a video on the Instagram page with the caption: “A new era. Brazil, welcome to the family”.

The clip features not only artists that Jay-Z’s company already manages, but also big names from Brazilian players, such as Vinnie Jr., who currently plays for Real Madrid, Palmeiras players, Andrić, besides Gabriele Martinelli, who currently plays for it. European team, Arsenal.

But how did it happen? Beyonce’s husband just became the majority shareholder of the company TFM Agency, which governs the careers of the names mentioned above. A rock nation sports brazil Its headquarters will be in São Paulo. And, thanks to the TFM roster, they already have over 100 players to represent.

on the official website of rock nation sportsCompany president and founder Juan Perez wrote in a statement: “When it comes to football, Brazil is the center of everything. I strongly connect with a culture that has an incredible passion for sports and music. Our influence in this sport is growing and this step shows our intentions to the world.

He added: “By launching a full sports representation service in South America, we are providing a level of service that has never existed before in this market and that our players truly deserve”.

Well, we can only hope for the best from this couple, right?

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