toxic players explain why they misbehave

VALORANT: Toxic Players Explain Why They Behave Badly

VALORANT: Toxic Players Explain Why They Behave Badly

Online games can be incredibly fun, but they have a huge problem: there are players who are extremely toxic. This is what happens in VALORANTBut have you ever wondered why? Some of them decided to open up to explain it.

on the subreddit VALORANT, the user decided to ask why some players insult their teammates or behave differently. The above is just to understand why the hell they behave this way.

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Have you ever been toxic in VALORANT?

Have you ever been toxic in VALORANT?

The message was surprisingly well received by the community, with several members explaining why they behave this way. One of the responses that received the most attention was from the player, who explained that he was simply too competitive, so he couldn’t help but point out the mistakes of his teammates. Of course, he also made it clear that you can only insult him if other players get upset when they point out their mistakes.

“Deep down I have a competitive spirit and I can keep it under control. What really annoys me is the clumsy games and constantly wrong decisions. I don’t insult my teammates, unless they get upset when I point out their mistakes and ask them why they keep going, “making such reckless decisions,” he said.

Another player noted that there are a few things that make them pop out of their boxes. Similarly, he indicated that it is non-toxic and that it only points out the facts.

“If someone chooses to duel and instead of playing the entry role properly, tricks their team into going first, I criticize their behavior.

When I point out that I’m going to throw blinders on these duelists and they wait 30 seconds and then demand smoke and blinders after I’ve already positioned them perfectly for entry, I criticize their lack of coordination.

When people single-handedly gank the whole game and think they’re good because they get late kills and underwhelming kills and brag about being at the top of the leaderboard, I criticize their play style.

When someone drags a team down and causes inevitable defeat, I criticize their performance.

When it becomes clear that someone shouldn’t be in that range because they only got there because of friends, I criticize their lack of ability.

In my opinion, “talking badly” is to express the events that I witness during the game. If a player is outraged that I point out these facts, and several teammates agree, as they say, “the truth hurts,” another player noted.

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Some players think toxic pays off

Now, there are also a few players in the conversation who believe that toxic players are just making excuses for themselves and that it would be better if they changed their negative attitude. After all, it only takes one player with toxic behavior to ruin the game for an entire group of players.

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“For all those ‘individuals’ who only say they are toxic in response or when it ‘makes sense’.” I don’t care about your reasons, just turn them off and move on or just say it to yourself, don’t use the mic,” said another player.

What do you think of these comments? Do you consider yourself a toxic player? Write to us in the comments.

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