Tormented, Patricia Poeta retells Juliet’s story at BBB

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Presenter Tati Machado, 31, courted controversy after praising her partner Valeria Almeida, 39, on Encontro (Globo). He commented that his colleague, yes, “understands soap opera”, which many internet users understood as an indictment against Patricia Poeta.

Chico Barney believes that Tati’s words were misinterpreted. “In my opinion, Tati Machado didn’t want to pin Patricia. She was there, praising her look, and many people thought she was, in fact, criticizing another look – which makes no sense “, he complained. , in the central splash.

The columnist believes that people are reluctant towards Patricia. “I feel that Patricia Poeta, like Juliet on BBB21, is being unfairly persecuted. If this were a reality show, Patricia would be the clear favorite and get my vote, because They’re following this woman, she’s insane.”

Daeguinho Shuang, on the other hand, has no doubt that Tati’s statement was, yes, a stinging one. “Whether it was intended or not, it seems. Patricia (at Globo) comes very early and I don’t know if he comes so late or not, I suggest watching the soap opera and commenting the next day. Tati Wanted to say that partner does this.”

Former BBB running back, Michael B. Jordan is the new Rodrigo Carelli

36 year old American actor Michael B. Jordan showed interest in another former BBB this week. The “Black Panther” star is leaving likes on the post of Alves, who participated in the last edition of Globo’s reality show, after liking the photos of Gleason Damaskano.

Columnist Chico Barney compared the Hollywood actor to Rodrigo Carelli. “He’s going to change his name to Michael BBB Jordan. We used to see Carelli go after the former BBB to join A Fazenda, but now it’s Jordan. Is he making a reality show?”, Central Chico joked in the splash.

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