The Trendy Square Cut We’ll See Everywhere in 2023

Netflix’s horror comedy “Wednesday” brought forth a new hair trend: the choppy bob. Young starlet Jenna Ortega wowed everyone with her new haircut on the Golden Globes red carpet, winning over social media and becoming a hair trend for 2023. According to the Lookfantastic Beauty Trends report, searches for the term “choppy bob” increased by 550%.

What is Choppy Bob?

The choppy bob is a medium length haircut that is practical, light and easy to maintain. With layers of different lengths, it creates an airy, smoky and dynamic effect. It suits all face shapes and hair textures, making it an excellent choice for women of all ages. The cut emulates a youthful look and adds volume, making it a great option for older women looking to hide the signs of aging.

How to get the choppy bob shaggy effect

Once you’ve asked your stylist for the cut, there are a few ways to achieve the distinctive shaggy choppy bob effect. For naturally wavy hair, blow drying upside down and scrunching hair with your hands may be sufficient for added volume. For straight hair, styling products and a curling iron may be needed to create big, voluminous waves.

how to use choppy bob

There are many ways to style the choppy bob. Jenna Ortega opted for a combination of modern hair elements – gradient, square, grunge style and curtain bangs. You can also opt for a side part, which creates even more volume at the top of the head. And remember, the longer your hair is, the more successful your shaggy gradient will be. However, a shaved back cut with a deep, faded, shaggy effect can be a bold and stylish choice.

The choppy bob is a trend for all the women out there, which promises to revolutionize 2023 with its sleek yet trendy style.

Choppy Bob: A Universal Trend

One of the highlights of the choppy bob is its versatility. This square cut embraces and highlights the beauty of every woman, regardless of age, hair texture or face shape. For women with thinner, more fragile hair, this style is perfect for providing a sense of density and strength. The cut lends a cool and rebellious look as far as young women are concerned.

how to care for your choppy bob

Maintaining the shaggy, voluminous effect of the choppy bob is not a difficult task. For naturally wavy hair, blow drying upside down and scrunching hair slightly with your hands may be enough to keep the look in place. On straight hair, the best option is to use a styling product to create big, bouncy waves. Remember to avoid running your hands through your hair after styling to maintain the unstructured effect.

The Versatility of the Choppy Bob

The choppy bob offers many styling possibilities. For example, actress Jenna Ortega has chosen to combine some of the trendiest hair elements: gradient, square, grunge style and curtain fringe. The latter is ultra trendy and perfect for accentuating looks and framing the face. In addition, a side part can create even more volume on the top of the head, while the fade effect can add extra dynamism to the hairstyle.

Choppy Bob in 2023

Everything indicates that the choppy bob will be the fashion haircut in 2023. Whether for its versatility, its great style or its ease of care, this square cut promises to win over women all over the world. Take advantage of this trend and upgrade your look with a choppy bob!

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