The kings of rock keep having fun on stage

The Arctic Monkeys, the headliners for this second day, came to Portugal for their tenth concert at the Paseo Maritimo de Algeci, bringing with them a concert full of classics and some themes from the most recent The Cars, released in 2022. It managed to captivate the public, who followed Alex Turner from start to finish.

Surrendering to the Portuguese public was also Alex Turner who, though short on words, but full of energy and elegance on stage, exclaimed in between, “What a beautiful audience, Lisbon!” Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

The idols of Anything Can Happen, Don’t Sit Because I Moved Your Chair, Why Did You Call Me Only When You’re High or Better Be a Mirrorball – After Visiting Topics Like They Brought The Most Different to the Stage – The British band couldn’t stop themselves from giving it to Lisbon – “Lisbon, I wanna be yours”, shouted Alex Turner – before heading off for an encore with I Wanna Be Yours, I Bet You Look Good on the Dance floor and ru mine?

If there was any doubt that Lisboa was also part of the Arctic Monkeys, the tired smiles of the audience at the end of the performance dispelled them. The British are the true masters of rock, who keep having fun on stage.

Previously, British Idols brought their electric punk for another performance at the Passeo Marítimo de Algeas in 2019, after passing through the secondary stage of NOS Alive.

Together mosh pits it is crowd surfing – to obey Joe Talbot’s challenge: “Go, go, go! Just go! -, the Idols starred in an hour-long performance full of energy and slogans that impressed the public, who invariably answered the call. In the presentation of the most recent album, Crawler, the British brought the theme that gives the name to the work and Car Crash or The Wheel.

Mother is another interlude theme – featuring the British band -, prompting the audience to repeatedly shout “The best way to scare a Tory is to read and get rich”.

Finally, Rottweiler, an anti-fascist and anti-tabloid song – which Talbot has repeatedly rebelled against newspapers such as The Sun, on which he repeatedly blames the British government and minorities for the country’s problems. -, before an emotional “nonsense” of The King”, which was repeated several times until late afternoon along the riverbank.

At the end of the performance, Joe Talbot was joined by John Beavis on drums, while Mark Bowen and Lee Kiernan clashed on guitars for an apotheotic finale, which left the audience wanting more and looking forward to the band’s next concert. .

If there were many people who already knew the Idols, many of the audience expecting the Arctic Monkeys became fans of the British and their energy on stage.

On the main stage opening, and until they released new music, Linda Martini continued to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “the world’s stupidest idea” – in the words of André Henriques –, which was to form a band, but the truth It is that, two decades later, Linda Martini continues to attract a loyal audience, despite what she previously believed was not music made for the masses.

Eu nom vi, the opening theme of the latest album, Sixth, was the kick-off to a performance that included Boca de Sal and Amor Combate – a chilling moment, with the crowd singing in unison – and even That O amor a não havar police bí or Kem metros sereya, which gave rise to another moment of dialogue with the public, which did not refrain from singing the verse that became an anthem “F*dar is close to loving you “.

Linda Martini never disappoints and the 20 year career he has been celebrating since February has managed to attract a loyal audience who follow the Portuguese almost religiously.

At the end of the afternoon, Jorge Palma, on piano and guitar, filled the Heineken stage to tour some of the classics of Portuguese music – after all, it will be celebrating 50 years of his career in 2022 – but on themes such as Uma Estáção Also No Inferno, the most recent work from VIDA, after a gap of 12 years.

In a performance in which the audience took advantage of every pause to shout for the veteran musician, Palma performed themes such as De-me lume, Fragile or Leave me rear, in a concert that accompanied him from beginning to end. Were. A tireless listener and in the making of many generations.

In a night full of classics, Estrella do Mar was, perhaps, the most emotional moment of the performance. With a ball of mirrors illuminating the Heineken Stage tent alongside tiny stars, a memorable performance burning into the retinas left the hundreds of people who packed and filled this secondary stage wanting more.

NOS Alive kicks off today for the last day, with Sam Smith, Queen of the Stone Age and Branko headlining. Portuguese manufacturer will present new music On the Heineken Stage, from 1:35 p.m.

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