Pampita takes the micro bikini trend to the next level

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The Argentinian model wears a gray animal print mini bikini. Also in another photo, she is eating a slice of watermelon and enjoying the amazing weather in Thailand.

pampita was invited by Pandora to Thailand to see manufacturing plants located near Bangkok.

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Except pampita He also enjoyed a tour of the Old City, an open-air museum of sorts where visitors can see Thailand’s most iconic temples.

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Pampita took her beauty to Thailand.

Pampita took her beauty to Thailand.

“Sometimes I wonder if you are real. You were carved by the gods themselves”, “What a beautiful @pampitaoficial, not only the dress is beautiful, it’s the way she wears it, goddess where you look at her”, “Caroline is incredible, smiling, wonderful, a mother who walks and always protect her children. It is the symbol of Argentina,” these are just some of the comments that pampita received in his latest Instagram posts.

It is worth noting that the model did not travel alone. Zaira Nara was another one of the well-known jewelry brand invited. Both models are in Thailand and every day surprise their subscribers with photos from this country.

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Pampita belongs to another "level".

Pampita from another “level”.

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