Not only Barmicil; these creams can also affect health

Federal Sanitary Risk Protection Commission (coffeeprise) warned that indiscriminate use of branded ointment barmycil You may have serious health problems. This product is sold in pharmacies throughout the country.

Excessive use of this topical medication can be risky given the compounds it contains. Barmycil contains betamethasone, gentamicin and clotrimazolethree elements that, when mixed, can be quite harmful to the human body, especially when applied to children.

Therefore, this ointment should only be used under medical supervision and in moderation. These three compounds that make up the cream are not only in Barmicil, but also in other creams, so they could also affect the health of minors.

betamethasone it is a powerful steroid with anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties. It belongs to the group of corticosteroids. gentamicin It is an antibiotic of the aminoglycoside group, clotrimazole an antifungal agent used to treat skin infections.

Long-term use of products such as Quadriderm can lead to serious health effects in people.

quadriderm this is another cream that contains three compounds that coffeeprise Not recommended for minors or for use without medical supervision. This ointment is also widely sold in pharmacies in Mexico and, like Barmicil, requires a prescription to purchase.

Quadriderm is sold in tubes of 15 g, and it is not recommended to leave it out of the reach of children, as it can be harmful if applied to their sensitive skin or even swallowed.

Like Barmycil, Quadriderm is used to relieve skin infections and reduce inflammation. However, its long-term use can be counterproductive.

Another cream containing betamethasone, gentamicin and clotrimazole Helmicin. This ointment is used for the same purposes as Barmycil and Quadriderm: to treat skin infections. Its use is exclusively under medical supervision.

Another cream containing betamethasone, gentamicin and clotrimazole is Helmicin.

The Federal Sanitary Risk Protection Commission (Coffepris) has recommended in case of abnormal skin reactions due to the use of ointments consisting of betamethasone, gentamicin and clotrimazole you need to see a doctor.

In the same way, the commission has provided the public with an email address to report this situation: and a telephone number: 800 033 50 50.

Long-term use of foods such as Barmicil, Quadriderm and Gelmicin This can lead to serious health consequences for people, especially boys and girls.

Ointments with said compounds such as Barmicil should always be used in adults (Farmacias Gi).

This can cause an alarming increase arterial pressure or glucose level at least in human blood.

In the most extreme cases, it can cause serious illnesses such as osteoporosis, a condition that affects the strength of bones, leading to cracks and fractures. It is estimated that almost 10 million people in Mexico suffer from this disease.

Similarly, the reaction to overuse of creams containing betamethasone, gentamicin, and clotrimazole is Cushing’s syndrome, a disease that weakens the bones, a cause that can cause fractures. This syndrome is also known to weaken limbs such as the arms and legs.

Cushing’s syndrome causes “moon face”, a condition in which fatty deposits are distributed over the face and neck.

Ointments with said compounds, such as Barmycil, should always be used in adults and under the supervision of a physician, and always for the treatment of dermatological conditions that require them.

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