Natalia Oreiro told that she has an incurable disease: what is misophonia?

Actress Natalia Oreiro In an interview with journalist Julio Leyva, he spoke in detail about his neurological illness and explained: “I have always had it, before that it was not diagnosed as a disease“.

I have a problem with noise that hurts me, it’s called misophonia that it is a hatred of sound, and there are certain sounds that harm me, and this is neurology, ”said the Uruguayan singer.

When asked about the symptoms of this pathology, she replied: “It’s hard to explain because there isn’t a single pattern that tells you what it is.“. “If we are around and you make noise, the discharge of anxiety, whether it is chewing gum, foot or pen, and it does not stop, the person begins to absorb the other person’s anxiety“, he described.

In this sense, the protagonist evil doll He described what it was like growing up with misophonia, which was diagnosed when he was 12 years old. “I always had it, before it was diagnosed as a disease. During the exams, I had to go to the directorate because I could not concentrate.“He added about his high school years.

it doesn’t piss me offThere are people who will grab your black box and smash it over your head if that happens. I don’t do it, fortunately I control it,” he explained the behavior causing the disease, which is still untreatable.

Misophonia is a disorder that Characterized by disproportionate discomfort compared to everyday sounds.such as the one that a person does while chewing. Anger, distress and muscle tension These are just some of the sensations that arise when listening to this kind of noise.

This discomfort is not necessarily related to sonic characteristics, but may be related to a change that generates in the mood of each person.

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